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Smart Ways To Prevent Fires In Your Bedroom

Posted by Jane Sandwood on Dec 27, 2020 1:36:00 AM

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Every year, 27 percent of reported fires in the US happen at home, and the majority of house fires start in the kitchen. However, what most people don't know is that the bedroom is also one of the most common spots for fires in the house to start, and 15 percent of electrical fires in the bedroom happen while people are asleep. To keep your loved ones safe while they're sleeping, it's important to identify fire hazards in every bedroom and prevent fires from starting. Here are some smart ways to fireproof your bedroom.

Inspect cords and chargers for signs of wear

The National Fire Protection Association states that every 24 seconds, a fire department in the US responds to a fire somewhere in the country. This year, as we're spending more time at home, it's become even more important to increase fire protection measures to protect our loved ones and property from harm. One of the easiest ways to prevent a bedroom fire is to inspect all the cords in all the appliances and lamps in the area, and see if they show signs of wear. Frayed or damaged cords should be replaced immediately. The same goes for chargers for devices, as well as extension cords. It's also a good idea to keep all electrical cords untangled, and make sure that they're not under the bed or carpet. They should also never be placed near bedding or curtains, or squashed between furniture and the wall, as electrical cords need space so they won't overheat. 

Don't use candles in the bedroom

Lighting a scented candle can set the mood for romance or a restful sleep. However, unattended candles can cause bedroom fires in an instant, and 21 percent of home candle fires are reported every day in the US. If you need mood lighting, consider installing some smart bulbs to change the color of the light, or have a dimmable bedside lamp. 

Never place your gadgets on your bed while charging

Laptops, phones, tablets, and other gadgets can generate heat while they're plugged in, so never put them on your bed while they're charging. You should also never put them on the carpet (or any soft surface for that matter): avoiding this will help keep you safe and prevent electrical fires. Always put your devices on a table while charging, and don't charge your gadgets overnight, as the batteries could heat up and potentially catch fire.

Know what to do in case a fire breaks out

A fire extinguisher in your bedroom can be a lifesaver if a fire does break out in your sleeping space during the night. A smoke alarm in every room can also help to alert your loved ones so you can escape safely. Everyone in the family should know what to do to keep out of harm's way, so have a fire escape plan in place, and regularly practice what to do in case a fire breaks out. 

Keep your loved ones safe by practicing fire safety measures in the bedroom. This way, you can protect your family from harm while enjoying a restful sleep. 

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