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The Right Bed for Healthy Sleep

Posted by Evelina Brown on Aug 6, 2021 9:40:51 AM

Healthy sleep is one of the most important components of any person's life. Not sure which bed to choose? Or how to buy the right mattress and not miscalculate with the material for the frame? Our article will help you make the right choice.

Choosing a bed is perhaps the most important part of decorating any bedroom. After all, it is there that a person spends a third of his life, and even more so for those who like to sleep. So when you buy a bed, you determine what your sleep will be like. And whether it becomes strong and healthy depends only on the correctness of your decision.

Comfy, soothing bed decor


Determine the size and shape

When choosing a length, the most important thing is to focus on your height or the height of your significant other, if he or she is taller. The minimum headroom should be at least 10 centimeters but is desirable more for maximum comfort.

As for the width of the bed, it is enough to lie on it and, throwing your hands behind your head, straighten your elbows. If you have enough space on your side, then the bed is right for you. If not, other options should be considered.

Regarding the shape, we can say that the most rational choice would be in favor of a standard rectangle. But if you are chasing sophisticated originality and want a round, oval, arched, or even heart-shaped bed, then you are doomed to face inevitable difficulties. Not only will it take up more space, but also bed linen will have to be sewn to order. Do not forget about the selection of blankets.


Examining the frame

There are two main types of frames: with two support backs and two side panels, or with four side panels and backs, where the legs or podium protrude as supports. It is believed that frames with legs are less durable, but if the assembly is done with quality, it does not matter which option you choose, it will serve you for a long time.

The most reliable and durable frames are made of solid wood and metal. Forged items look very elegant. Braided options also showed themselves well. As for the short-lived, but cheap options, they are made from MDF and fiberboard. Chipboard frames are considered the most unreliable and brittle. It doesn’t matter which material you will choose in the end, because on the are all range of the frames’ types from the solid wood to the MDF.


Select the base

Often the base consists of a frame on which flexible slats are placed. Moreover, the more lamellas there are, the stronger the base is. In a standard single bed, there should be at least 15 of them. There are also options with springs and metal bars, but they are considered to be inferior to models with slats in orthopedic properties.

Considering the base, it is worth paying attention to what will be under it. You can choose the classic version, where there is nothing under it, then the mattress will be well ventilated, which is important. But if you want to save space, a lift base with hidden compartments or a base with drawers are great options.

A calming bed makes all the difference in sleep quality

Choosing a mattress

Even among experts, there are mixed opinions about mattresses. Some are in favor of multi-layer options without springs, while others are more inclined towards combined spring models. Some people like hard ones, and some like soft ones. Therefore, here it is better to rely on yourself and your feelings.

Just come to the salon and do not hesitate to lie down for at least five minutes on the mattresses you like in your usual sleeping position before buying. Do you think it will look ridiculous from the outside? Not at all! It will be ridiculous to come home and, having tested the mattress in your own walls, understand that you do not like it. But this category of goods is no longer subject to return and exchange. Therefore, be sure to check again with the size of the bed, so as not to miscalculate.

You should not forget about its maintenance. For the first three months, it is recommended to turn the mattress at least once a week, and after that - once a season. This will extend the life of the mattress and help it keep its original shape longer.


On a note!

  • Very often the bed is sold already complete with a mattress, but it is not always of good quality. So it's better to buy a mattress separately or choose a bed that comes with an orthopedic mattress model.
  • If your bedroom is not really spacious, take a closer look at transforming beds, this will help save precious floor space and make optimal use of all the space.
  • When you are buying a bed, it is important to pay attention to its height. For older people, it is advisable to purchase higher options. But low models are quite suitable for young people.
  • For bedrooms in styles such as minimalism, hi-tech, as well as oriental motives, it would be most appropriate to choose a low platform bed.
  • Do not skimp on such an important purchase, because many experts agree that the cause of almost all diseases associated with the back is an uncomfortable bed.

Everyone has a bad night from time to time. Working on your sleep habits can help.

That includes going to bed at a regular time, making your last hour of the day relaxing, keeping your bedroom restful and devoted to sleep, and avoiding caffeine and alcohol before bedtime.

Alaska Sleep Clinic is Alaska's premier independent diagnostic testing facility for sleep disorders. Alaska Sleep Clinic is a Veteran Owned Small Business. Established in Alaska in 2002, Alaska Sleep Clinic has grown to 4 locations and 13 beds.  Alaska Sleep Clinic is the most comprehensive sleep clinic in Alaska, doing in-lab, at-home, and pediatric sleep studies.  We are also the only lab in the state with a sleep doctor who specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

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