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Sleep Disorders:Causes of Bed-Wetting

Posted by Jennifer Hines on Apr 13, 2019 7:00:00 PM

If you are concerned about your child's bed-wetting, or if other symptoms accompany the problem, inform your child's pediatrician. He or she will ask about your child's symptoms and about other factors that may contribute to bed-wetting.

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Topics: bedwetting, Pediatrics

What to Look for In a Pediatric Sleep Center

Posted by Jennifer Christensen on Oct 9, 2013 9:26:00 AM

Children require special attention when undergoing sleep studies so be sure to choose a sleep center with specific pediatric expertise in childhood and adolescent sleep disorders.

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Topics: alaska sleep clinic, insomnia, obstructive sleep apnea, sleep disorders, sleep study, apnea, children, Snoring, sleep specialist, bedwetting

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