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Impact of social media addiction on your sleep and health

Posted by Phoebe Hart on Jun 17, 2020 9:40:00 AM

Social media networks are now seen as a significant distraction factor. Lots of people limit their presence there (and that of their children, too) to less than an hour per day. But are they really such a threat to one’s health?

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Topics: losing sleep, lonliness, blue light screen

Falling Asleep With the TV On

Posted by Guest Blogger on Apr 16, 2020 9:40:58 AM

The TV is considered a harmless artifact. We are all so accustomed to it that it’s part of our homes and the habit of watching TV before going to sleep is part of our routine. There is nothing bad with a little TV before going to bed, but falling asleep with the TV on is another story. Read this article if you want to learn about the consequences of sleeping with the TV on.

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Topics: insomnia, sleep hygiene, blue light screen, students, cell phones, getting better sleep

Blue Light and Sleep Health

Posted by Ricky Kyle on Jan 14, 2020 5:39:00 AM

Blue light has become a subject of interest for medical professionals, scientists and the general public. There is an ongoing discussion to decide how it's harmful and how it affects our sleep. Below, we'll walk through the affect artificial light has on our lives, the importance of quality sleep, and how blue light could interfere with both your nightly snooze and your health.

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Topics: sleep habits, sleep hygiene, blue light screen

Blue Light Has a Dark Side

Posted by Stefanie Leiter on Nov 14, 2019 5:30:00 AM

We think of all the rituals at bedtime from yoga, essential oils, and sound machines when sometimes the one issue stems from American’s largest addiction: digital devices.

With 71 percent of Americans sleeping with their phone in bed or on the nightstand, the blue light from the screens can emit unneeded light that prevents our brains from shutting down. But we should also not be confused with eliminating blue light altogether. Light therapy treats seasonal affective disorder (SAD) uses blue light.

Ever wonder what makes the sky blue? It is blue light from the atmosphere and comes in a natural, non harmful way. According to Blue Light Exposed, “when outside, light from the sun travels through the atmosphere. The shorter, high energy blue wavelengths collide with the air molecules causing blue light to scatter everywhere.”

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Can't sleep? Your electronics could be to blame

Posted by Julia Higginson on Nov 7, 2017 10:14:26 AM

Do you have an established bedtime routine? If you are like most people, your routine probably includes putting on your pajamas, brushing your teeth, and climbing into bed to fluff your pillows just the right way.

You probably also pull out your electronic device to help you unwind a little before heading off to sleep.

Everyone has some type of activity that helps them relax. Maybe you are reading the must read book on your device, checking your e-mail, perusing Facebook, or even getting in a few rounds of your favorite game.

Sure, playing on your electronic device can help you relax after a hard day’s work. But did you know that research shows that your relaxing screen time is actually making it harder for you to fall asleep? You may be sabotaging your sleep without even knowing it.

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Topics: blue light screen, smartphone

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