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How Does Light Affect Your Sleep?

Posted by Gabie Lazareff on Mar 2, 2021 9:53:42 AM

Have you ever dropped your phone on your face as you lay in bed at 1 am senselessly scrolling through Insta?.. You haven’t?! Oh… just me then I guess…  

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Alternatives to TV That Will Help You Fall Asleep

Posted by Kevin Faber on Feb 2, 2021 1:33:00 AM

Falling asleep before bedtime can be a challenge for many people. Maybe you've had a stressful day at work, you're worried about money, or there are other events keeping your mind overly active. You don't want to make the step toward sleep aids that require a prescription, but you think you need some additional help when it comes to putting your mind at ease and going to bed. Thankfully, there are a variety of ways you can put your mind at ease, both with the aid of noise and without. If you find yourself having trouble getting to bed, check out these suggestions and see if you find it easier to rest after trying and finding one that works for you.

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6 Ways That Night-time Phone Use Destroys Your Sleep

Posted by Ashley Lipman on Jan 13, 2021 2:15:00 AM

Over the past decade, scientists have been working to understand the implications of prolonged screen time on our health. With the prevalence of smartphones and tablets in the modern household, the long-term impacts are still yet to be determined.

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The Science Behind Screen Time & A Lack Of Sleep

Posted by Jennifer Hines on Oct 21, 2020 11:42:31 AM

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How technology alters sleep quality and how to tackle it.

Posted by Dr. Angela Randazzo, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, specializing in Sleep on Sep 22, 2020 10:26:19 AM

Going without a smartphone or a laptop is unimaginable in this digital world. In fact you’re reading this article on a digital screen right now!  

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