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6 Tools for Dealing With College Insomnia

Posted by Mike Walker on Sep 19, 2022 12:15:48 PM

Insomnia is common for college students because they often have to juggle assignments, work obligations, and social responsibilities. The gift of youth makes college-aged young adults feel invincible, so sleep is not made a top priority. Unfortunately, sleep deprivation can have adverse health consequences because rest promotes better physical, psychological, and mental wellness. The body heals itself and recharges best at night, so getting adequate rest is vital to prevent the onset of illnesses. 

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Healthy Benefits of Being a Commuter Student

Posted by Taryn Martzall on Mar 10, 2022 12:42:00 AM

When entering college, many often think about the joys of being able to live on campus and getting the full college experience of living in the dorms. While it is highly suggested that you live on campus, there are many benefits of being a commuter student. Commuter students are those who do not live in institution-owned housing. Living in a space that you are comfortable in can create a safe space for not only homework but a proper sleep schedule.

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9 Healthy Habits to Sleep Better as a College Student

Posted by Jessica Fender on Mar 7, 2022 5:37:00 AM

Most college students underrate the importance of sleep. Many believe they can get through school without stopping and getting enough rest. As a result, they end up tired and sleep-deprived. In most cases, they are only able to make adjustments when their grades begin to suffer.

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5 Ways To Help Students Get Better Sleep

Posted by Joanne Elliot on Feb 7, 2022 4:53:34 PM

Sleep is one of the essential aspects of human existence. Without good sleep, quality of life can quickly deteriorate. Sleep deprivation, along with other conditions, can cause an individual to die. Therefore, a student must get adequate sleep to function appropriately.

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How Sleep is Important for College Students and their Mental Health

Posted by Joanne Elliot on Feb 7, 2022 7:57:55 AM

Sleep is important to everyone, and for college students, it matters even more, as it can have a lot of influence on their own mental health. College students often have to struggle with not just a packed timetable at school but also tiring part-time jobs. As a result, if they do not get enough sleep, their performance and mental health will suffer. This article will provide some insights into the issue of sleep and why it is so important for college students to get enough sleep.

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