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Childhood Obesity and Sleep

Posted by Stefanie Leiter on Jun 19, 2020 11:15:00 AM

One of the greatest problems in generating awareness for sleep apnea is that all too often people have a preconceived notion of what a typical sleep apnea patient looks like. When most people think about a patient suffering from sleep apnea, an image of a middle-aged overweight male comes to mind.

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Topics: sleep and children, Pediatrics, OSA in children

Sleep Tips for Teenagers

Posted by Jennifer Hines on Feb 27, 2020 4:00:00 PM

Teens love to label themselves “night owls,” trading stories of all-nighters and sleeping away an entire Saturday. Though teenagers and their sleep habits may be maddening to parents, they’re partly in response to physical changes that occur during puberty. “Teens experience a natural shift in circadian rhythm,” says Johns Hopkins sleep expert Laura Stern, M.D. 

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Topics: OSA in children, teens, sleep hygiene

Your Little One's Healthy Sleep Patterns

Posted by Jennifer Hines on Sep 5, 2019 9:28:23 AM

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The average newborn sleeps much of the day and night, waking only for feedings every few hours. It is often hard for new parents to know how long and how often a newborn should sleep. Unfortunately, there is no set schedule at first, and many newborns have their days and nights confused.

They think they are supposed to be awake at night and sleep during the day.

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Topics: Infant, Pediatrics, OSA in children, baby

What Every Parent Should Know About a Tonsillectomy

Posted by Jennifer Hines on Aug 18, 2019 2:00:00 PM

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Pediatric Obesity and Sleep Concerns

Posted by Stefanie Leiter on Feb 25, 2019 10:00:00 AM

We all know the feeling. You wake up on the right side of the bed feeling refreshed and well rested. Not only does it keep you healthy physically but your brain has time to regenerate keeping memories and knowledge alive and well. Unfortunately, parents are struggling with busy schedules and packed calendars to instill this important lifestyle on their children.

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Topics: OSA in children, weight

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