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What Happens When You Get Too Little Sleep

Posted by Paisley Hansen on Jul 2, 2021 4:01:00 AM

If you've ever spent a restless night flipping around in bed, you already know how weary, grumpy, and out of sorts you'll feel the next day. However, not getting the recommended 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night does more than make you sluggish and irritable. Sleep deprivation has long-term consequences. It depletes your mental capacities and jeopardizes your physical health. Sleep deprivation has been related to a variety of health issues, ranging from weight gain to a compromised immune system. Continue reading to learn more about the causes of sleep deprivation and how it affects various body processes and systems.

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Examples of Sleep Deprivation And How it Affects Our Body

Posted by Hannah Butler on Jul 1, 2021 3:41:00 AM

Lack of sleep often leads to health problems. Most people face it due to external circumstances. But there are those who deprive themselves of sleep. Sleep deprivation practitioners were asked why they were doing it. And what experts think about this.

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Sleep Deprivation Infographic

Posted by Stefanie Leiter on Jun 26, 2021 5:10:00 AM

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4 Ways to Get a Better Night’s Rest (and Fix Sleep Deprivation)

Posted by Veselina Dzhingarova on May 12, 2021 9:03:02 AM

Getting a better night’s sleep is essential to feeling refreshed, having enough energy to get through the day and remaining in good spirits.

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What Can You Do for Sleep Deprivation?

Posted by Stefanie Leiter on Jul 29, 2020 4:19:00 AM

Nothing is worse when you feel tired. Your body aches, you become moody, and you lack the concentration. You can become depressed or sick leading to other physical or mental health issues.

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