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10 Most Curious and Unexpected Facts About Sleep

Posted by Guest Blogger: Justin Osborne on Jun 14, 2019 12:39:00 PM

Sleep is a mystery to most of us. We don’t know how it happens every single night. We always wake up in the morning with a strong urge to continue sleeping for a few minutes. Extensive research has been conducted on sleep for 25 years now.

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How to Design Your Bedroom for the Best Sleep Possible:        5 Science-Backed Tips

Posted by Jane Wrigglesworth on Jun 13, 2019 12:09:00 PM

Getting a good night’s sleep doesn’t come easy for some, but there are several tips that go a long way to helping you get some shuteye. Good sleep habits and a comfortable environment are essential, so the first place to start in the pursuit of better sleep is the bedroom.

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The Diet Tweaks That Improve Your Sleep

Posted by Jackie Edwards on May 29, 2019 8:23:00 AM

Sleep is one of the most important factors for our health, with 67% of people indicating quality of sleep as being one of their biggest health concerns. And yet many Americans are lacking the right amount of sleep, or are getting very poor quality; 35% of Americans do not get the recommended 7 hours of sleep per night, and up to 20% have a difficult to manage sleep disorder.

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Can't Turn Your Brain Off at Night? We Can Help!!

Posted by Stefanie Leiter on May 5, 2019 6:00:00 PM

Outside the normal snoring or heartburn, sometimes sleeping through the night can be a challenge. If you are experiencing an unusual high amount of stress, journaling can be the answer to start piecing together with your doctor before taking the next step with a sleep study.

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Topics: stress, sleep hygiene, cognitive sleep issues

The Ultimate Bedtime Routine for a Healthy Life

Posted by Guest Author: Allison Staley on May 2, 2019 1:02:00 PM

Most of us have a routine we follow.  We get up at the same time, go through the same steps to get ready for the day, and even have the same thing for breakfast. 

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Topics: routine, bedtime resistance, sleep hygiene

5 Lifestyle Changes to Help You Overcome Insomnia

Posted by Guest Author: Joselyne John on May 1, 2019 6:00:00 AM

Do you lie awake in your bed wondering if you will ever fall asleep? When you try to sleep, do you find it hard to stop your mind from racing? Do you wake up and have a hard time going back to sleep?

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Topics: sleep hygiene, caffeine, alcohol

How Writing and Reading Can Help You Sleep Better

Posted by Guest Blogger: Lauren Adley on Apr 30, 2019 1:41:00 PM

As the popular adage goes, leaders are readers. Successful people read a lot of books to expand their thinking and improve the quality of their lives. According to research conducted a few years ago, it was discovered that an average adult reads less than three books in his or her entire life after graduating.

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How to Sleep Better: A Simple Guide

Posted by Guest Author: Jennifer McBride from on Apr 29, 2019 7:12:00 AM

Everyone knows the importance of eating right and exercising to be healthy, but what about sleep? A good night’s sleep is just as important as healthy food and regular exercise. Did you know that you spend nearly one-third of your life sleeping? So you better be good at it!

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Is Your Day Ruining Your Night's Sleep?

Posted by Sally Norton on Apr 24, 2019 11:43:00 AM


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Dogs in Your Bedroom

Posted by Stefanie Leiter on Apr 10, 2019 12:29:00 PM

Your love for your dog is undeniable. They are a part of the family. They greet you at the door wagging their tails when you arrive home. They understand when you are upset and cuddle up next to you on the couch. They play with the kids, go on vacation, and join you for walks in the neighborhood.

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