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How Much Sleep Do You Need? It Depends On Your Age

Posted by Kevin Faber on Mar 1, 2022 12:28:00 AM

The importance of sleep for your overall health cannot be understated. However, just how many hours of sleep a person needs every day varies depending on his or her age, gender, genetics, activity level and other health factors. Sleep directly impacts your mental and physical health in significant ways. Sleep deprivation can generate mild symptoms such as tiredness, trouble concentrating or irritability, but over time, it can result in more significant health conditions such as mood disorders, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, stroke and various mental illnesses. 

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Sleep Cycles And Their Impact

Posted by Larry Alton on May 17, 2021 7:13:48 AM


Sleep is a naturally occurring phenomenon where the body and the mind are characterized by altered consciousness but reduced muscle activity. Sleep is considered important as it revives the body and restores different systems of the body. It is also considered a great healing agent as it heals different body ailments while one is asleep. Memory, mood, and other cognitive function of the body is also maintained while one is fast asleep.

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