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Sleeping Outside in the Summertime

Posted by Stefanie Leiter on Aug 2, 2019 9:00:00 AM

In the summer months, getting outdoors is a must. Hiking, camping, fishing, walking, swimming, and gardening are a few of the opportunities the longer summer days afford.

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Topics: Sleep, Family, sleep habits, summer, camping

Soaking Up the Sun

Posted by Stefanie Leiter on Jul 23, 2019 8:54:59 AM

Summer months are meant to be spent on the lake, hiking, or enjoying a walk. But, that doesn’t mean that everyone is outside enjoying the sunshine.

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Topics: seasonal affective disorder, exercise, summer, light therapy

Hot and Sleepless Summer Nights

Posted by Stefanie Leiter on Jul 17, 2019 6:09:56 AM

When you take so much effort to have the right sheets, comforters, and pajamas at night, the last thing you want is a sweaty mess as you lay your head down to sleep. Summer heat in Alaska is normally not an issue; however, temperatures have raised to record levels of heat this month.

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Keeping Up Your Family's Sleep Schedule in Summer

Posted by Stefanie Leiter on Jul 5, 2019 8:35:00 AM

When a beat is dropped in a song, everything is off: the drummer, lead singer, and the bassist. Same with kids.

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Topics: Family, routine, summer

Sleeping Well On Vacation

Posted by Stefanie Leiter on Jul 3, 2019 2:00:00 PM

In 2017, more than $2.8 billion dollars a day was spent on travel: $32,800 a second. U.S. residents for the year took 1.8 billion trips. It is guaranteed that when summer traveling, you will support one of the 15.2 million American jobs that support the tourism industry.

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Topics: travel, losing sleep, summer

How the Summer Solstice Can Score You Better Sleep Year-Round

Posted by Jennifer Hines on Jun 21, 2019 7:13:00 AM

For thousands of years, the longest day of the year has been celebrated by people around the world as the summer solstice or Midsummer. This year, the sunny cause for revelry falls on June 21st in the Northern Hemisphere, and is recognized as the unofficial start to our hottest season, even though outdoor temperature gauges around the country have been telling us the heat is already well under way.

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Topics: circadian rhythm, sleep habits, summer

Top 9 Summer Solstice Sleep Tips

Posted by Jennifer Hines on Jun 20, 2019 8:17:00 AM

Today we celebrate the Summer Solstice: the official first day of Summer and the longest day of the year. After we have celebrated all weekend, we have to get some sleep in Alaska during the next three months. Let’s talk about how you can get better sleep year-round with these 9 tips for getting awesome sleep this summer.

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Topics: get better sleep, summer, sleep hygiene

Sleep Under the Midnight Sun

Posted by Julia Higginson on Jun 2, 2019 4:00:00 PM

Sleep is more important to mental and physical health than most people realize. Sleep helps the brain to work properly. If the brain is working properly so is the body.

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Topics: summer

Winter Sleep vs. Summer Sleep

Posted by Jennifer Hines on Jan 13, 2019 5:31:00 PM

Depending on where you live, you may notice major differences in how you sleep during the summer versus the winter. What causes these differences and what can you do about it to make sure your getting enough sleep all year long?

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Topics: winter, summer, sleep myths

Summer Solstice and Circadian Rhythm

Posted by Jennifer Hines on Jun 21, 2018 4:00:00 AM

Since today is the longest day of the year, it seems appropriate to discuss circadian rhythm and the role that daylight plays in our sleep cycle.

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