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Sleep at Work to Boost Productivity?

Posted by Jennifer Broflowski on Jul 5, 2022 2:57:00 AM

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Telemedicine: What Is It's Impact on Sleep Disorder Treatment?

Posted by Dani Martin on Jun 23, 2022 1:17:00 AM

Ever since the pandemic, people around the world have been experiencing cases of insomnia. Additionally, a risk factor for COVID-19 called sleep apnea was also a cause for concern. Sleep apnea is a condition that triggers a pause in breathing while you sleep.

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IDTF vs. Hospital Sleep Lab

Posted by Mauricio Reinoso, MD on Aug 14, 2020 5:12:00 AM

What is an IDTF?

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Virtual Doctor: A Must-See Quick Guide

Posted by Jennifer Hines on May 15, 2020 5:22:00 AM

Online medical consultations can be very useful to interpret results, obtain second opinions or receive health care that does not require a physical examination.

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Top Patient Questions about Telemedicine

Posted by Jennifer Hines on Mar 30, 2020 4:15:18 PM

A majority of patients are now interested in doing telehealth visits. Alaska Sleep Clinic has been offering TELEMEDICINE for our Alaskan patients for years now, making us the sleep lab with the most telehealth experience in the state.

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