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Traveling With Your CPAP: Keeping It Clean

Posted by Jennifer Hines

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on Jan 26, 2018 6:25:00 AM

 Traveling CPAP Machines are small and easy to take anywhere you go.

           Traveling can be a hassle, especially for the CPAP user. 

Alaska Sleep Clinic wants to make your on-the-road CPAP experience a breeze. Here are some tips to help you sleep better while traveling with your CPAP.

  1. Plan for humidification.
    If a CPAP has a humidifier chamber, remember to drain it before packing to avoid spills. Remember to pack distilled water so you can still benefit from humidification while traveling. You may also choose a travel CPAP with waterless humidification.
  2. Provide spares. Travel with extra filters and mask cushions, in case your current one gets damaged or misplaced.
  3. Pack an extension cord. Airports and hotels may not have electrical outlets close to the bed, so an extension cord may be necessary to sleep with a CPAP.
  4. Try an external battery. If you are camping or sleeping somewhere without electricity, consider investing in an external battery so you can sleep anywhere, indoors or out.
  5. Adjust for altitude. Double-check to make sure your CPAP will automatically adjust for altitude. If it doesn't, ask us and we will provide instructions for manual adjustment.
  6. Beyond sleep therapy: Practice good sleep hygiene while traveling.
  7. Try a travel CPAP.  Alaska Sleep Clinic specializes in sleep-related DME and provides the best education available for your sleep apnea and its treatment. We carry an extensive inventory of machines, masks, and other sleep related products to meet every patient’s unique needs and lifestyle.


Common questions about traveling with CPAP:


Q: How can I keep my CPAP clean through TSA?

A: Store your CPAP in a plastic bag when you put it through the x-ray scanner. Bins may not be sanitary, so carry your CPAP in a separate plastic bag. Ask the TSA agent to use a new pair of gloves and new swabs if your CPAP is checked for explosives.

Q: Can I use my CPAP during my flight?

A: Contact your airline to ask about their policy about using CPAPs in-flight. Different airplanes may or may not have power outlets available near your seat, so find out ahead of time if you need to bring a special adapter or an external battery pack.

Q: Does a CPAP count as a carry-on?

A: Most airlines do not count CPAPs as carry-on luggage because they are medical devices. Contact your airline in advance to confirm that they do not count CPAPs as carry-on items.

Q: What do I need to bring with me to the airport?

A: Bring your CPAP in its carry case or a plastic bag, a copy of your CPAP's TSA compliance letter, and your CPAP prescription.

Q: Are there CPAPs designed for travel?

A: Yes! Several companies make travel-sized CPAPs. Call Alaska Sleep Clinic or stop by any of our four labs in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Wasilla and Soldotna to find the right CPAP for you at or away from home.


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