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How to Use All 5 Senses for Better Sleep

Posted by Stefanie Leiter

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on Jan 29, 2020 6:22:00 AM

Newsweek reports chronic insomnia effects nearly 30 percent of adults at some point during their life; chronic defined as a month or longer of disrupted sleep.

With so many causes of insomnia from health ailments to psychological issues, it is important to think about how your five senses can improve your sleep.

Even Harvard Medical School breaks down how the five senses change while you age. So discovering some answers along the way can help make a routine flexible to change over time. 

Sleep and the 5 Senses Infographic

Touchy Feely

Threadcount, temperature, softness. It all matters when sleep counts. Some beds may even be fitted with an incorrect size depending on mattress depth. Bed Bath & Beyond provides a list of different materials, fabrics and care options for sheets to keep them soft and the thread count strong.

A Clean Palette

We all are aware of the dangers of snacking at bedtime or binging on junk foods. But keep in mind the entire body needs to rest, not just the brain and body. Give your digestion a break and keep a clean palette and stomach when your head hits the pillow.

Soothing Sounds

Think about the type of music you listen to. Maybe while you workout it is a list of upbeat, energetic music. During your evening commute it may change to your favorite tunes. But at bedtime, a sleep soundtrack with ocean sounds, babbling brooks, and crickets soothe your mind to enter into slumber.


A Whiff of Oil

Relaxing from a whiff of oilJust as lavender lotions aid the sense of smell, an oil lasts throughout the night enjoyed for you and your partner. But where does one start who is new to oils?

Lavender is a good place to start. With its relaxing scent, the aroma is pleasant and easy to combine with other oils to achieve the perfect mix. Chamomile is mistakenly seen as the next best treatment for insomnia. But as Essential Oil Haven recommends, Roman Chamomile is specifically used as a natural sleep aid."

Roman Chamomile is an ancient herb that can help with your sleeplessness caused from chronic stress, headaches or nervous disorders.” A final combination of oils is Sweet Marjoram which calms feelings of loneliness or grief. As an additive to lavender and Roman chamomile, all three work together to aid insomnia.


Beacon of Light

During the day, sunlight provides energy and nutrients to your body. But at night, your body is looking to detox. Bright light bulbs could be the cause of your sleeping problems. Lasting up to 100 hours, an incandescent bulb may not be energy efficient but are soft enough to surround the room with twilight helping you fall asleep faster. For those willing to do anything for a restful night sleep, red wavelengths are your number one bulb to create the ambiance on your nightstand.

Finding Help

Still searching for the solution? All of these can help you get a restful night in any bedroom but there are also professionals who can aid in your fight with insomnia when the answer is not easy.  Call the Alaska Sleep Clinic for a free 10 minute consultation.

                                                                   @ 907-357-6700


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