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What Your  Sleep Position Say about You

Posted by Carmela Andersson on Aug 13, 2021 3:44:00 AM

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It seems to be all cut and clear that psychologists can tell about the character and psycho-emotional state of a person simply by scrutinizing his handwriting, stride, gestures, and facial expressions. Would that be the same run-of-the-mill statement if I told you it is also possible to gauge anyone’s personality by observing how this person sleeps? Get yourself familiarized with all ins and out of the “sleeping” body language! 



Body language and a person’s character


The movements of the hands during the conversation, gestures, facial expressions - all this provides additional information about the interlocutor. Even noble scientists of Ancient Greece presumed beautiful, competent, convincing speech as insufficient factors to characterize the speaker, instead, they emphasized movements accompanying speech.


The body language in modern concepts is a combination of non-verbal methods of presenting the information. The way a person sits or stands during the conversation crawled hands, the expression of emotions reflected in the face (eyebrows raised in surprise, lips curved in disgust) allows not only a better understanding of human speech but also empowers a message with a bright, living color.


However, there is one significant feature - if desired, the way a person stands or stride he walks can be changed, the sleep position for its part remains uncontrollable during the sleep, so it cannot be "spoofed". 


Talking sleep positions


Gestures and facial expressions are mainly manifested unconsciously. An experienced psychoanalyst is able to characterize a person, looking at him, for example, inspecting how the interlocutor sits: free and relaxed or clamped, the leg is thrown on the leg, the hands on the chest are crossed. The same can be said about the position of a sleeping person. Sleep positions can tell us even more, you just need to read them correctly.


Factors influencing the sleep positions


The sleep position can only speak about a person's character when they are at ease. Achieving comfort is real only in the home bed. The occurrence of interference is forced to bend, take a position in which it will be comfortable at a given place, under certain conditions.


The core sleep positions and their interpretation


There are two types of provisions: initial (alpha) and main (omega). The first postures, we occupy, go to bed, the second will take the body independently, while we rest, it is in them we wake up. Selected unconsciously, omega-poses are studied by psychoanalysts. There are several main positions to interpret the character of a person: 

  • Embryo

Being in the womb is a carefree period: you don't have to think about anything, you don't have to do anything. The person lies on the right or left side, tightly presses the knees to the torso, covering the chest and abdomen, as if trying to protect them. Often, the pillow and blanket end up in the handgrip. Dozing in this position is a sign of timidity and insecurity. Apparently, a person needs protection, someone who will help and support him. Anyone can serve a role of a fulcrum - a girl, husband, family, child, relatives.

  • Normal (semi-Embryo)

This pose is most common. Lying on one side, a person bends his legs, one arm is either raised or along the body, the other is under the pillow. The psychological portrait of the sleeper in this position is composure and calmness. Whatever the world is, whatever lies ahead, the person easily adapts without making any effort, ready to defend himself and his interests but at the same time can change if necessary. 

  • Stretched

A man or a woman lies on his stomach, arms raised, legs are straight, less often bent, feet are spread apart. In this position, the sleeper occupies a huge space. The pose reflects a craving for control - in real life, a person is the captain of his fate, who does not accept surprises. Usually, such people are neat, disciplined, and diligent, but vulnerable, so any unexpected turn can knock them for six. 

  • On the back (royal)

The sleeper straightens his arms, freely poses his legs. It is believed that this pose characterizes a person as a self-confident, straightforward heavy-hitter, perhaps even arrogant by nature. Being an authority figure, who is not afraid of anything, he openly accepts the world with its twists and turns of fate.

  • Heron

It resembles a normal posture, only with both arms under the pillow, and only one leg is bent. People sleeping in this position are described as moody and very changeable. The range of their moods is like a roller coaster: yesterday a person was overcome by apathy, today he is active and cheerful. Unpredictability is the keyword for such people.


Relationship and sleep positions


The meaning of the sleep position will tell not only about the sleeping person himself but also about his attitude towards another person. Lovebirds pay special attention to the behavior of their partner when he or she is sleeping. A couple may look perfect in the public eye, though while sleeping the subconscious comes into play making it impossible to hide the truth. So what can the sleep positions say during the sleep of people who love each other: 

  • Face to face

Two lie on their sides, looking into the eyes, their arms and legs intertwined. Uncomfortable, but they are in love, so who cares? The position indicates that partners are incapable of getting enough of each other, constantly together, they give themselves up to passion and unity at 100%. Typical for newlyweds or couples who started living together.

  • Back to back

There are two variations of this pose. In the first, the couple is in contact, which can mean absolute trust in each other, a feeling of mutual support. The situation is characteristic of those who have been in a relationship for a long time - the ardor has faded away, love remains - strong, endless. In the second case, there is a significant difference - the gap between the spins. Feelings have long faded away, perhaps they are connected by children or arranged marriage. It is possible that the couple had a falling out and had not yet had time to make up. 

  • “Spoon”

The guy hugs the girl, both sleep on their sides, their legs are almost symmetrically bent. Indicates closeness and trust. Characterized by the first years of marriage.

  • His hug

This very pose from the romantic movie - he is on his back, her head rests on his chest. This may mean that the lovers feel tenderness and care.

  • No distractions

One of the partners assumes a stretched (royal) pose, while the second one is trying to win a place or settles down on the rest of the bed space. The one who sleeps as relaxed as possible controls the marriage, sometimes acts as a despot.


Sleep poses and a person's character are inextricably linked, once again proving how complex is the interweaving of the human body, emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Forewarned is forearmed, so with the necessary knowledge, pay attention to your lifestyle, attitudes, habits.


While we would love to tell you what the best sleep position is, the truth is that there really isn’t a “best position.” Each person will have their own sleep position that works best for them. 

In order to maximize your sleep, visit your local sleep specialist. If you live in Alaska, click on the link below to connect with a professional sleep specialist at the Alaska Sleep Clinic, or call us today @ 907-770-9104.

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Authors bio:

Carmella Andersson works as a copywriter for Resume On Time. It gives her an opportunity to improve her critical and creative thinking skills. 

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