DME Manager

Position available in Anchorage

A DME Manager provides technical support and oversight of the DME program for Alaska Sleep Clinic and all its locations.  Responsible for coordination of DME Techs to include training, hiring, scheduling, education and discipline, coordinating with Sleep Care Manager and Executive Director as needed. Monitors DME program ensuring coordination of SOP for all offices specific to DME program, to include the development of policies and procedures in accordance with AASM Guidelines.

Acts as a liaison across all facilities of the Alaska Sleep Clinic to ensure continuity of services, reporting directly to the Executive Director.

Primary Duties

  • Maintain a professional environment, ensure productivity, form and maintain collaborative relationships with staff members, allied health care professionals, referral sources and others in the community.
  • Maintain a compassionate environment for staff members and patients where high quality care is provided in a timely manner.
  • Communicate effectively with physicians, technologists, front office personnel, insurance companies, community agencies, patients and the general public.
  • In cooperation with the Medical Director and Executive Director work to maintain the highest quality care in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with sleep disorders.

Educational Requirements and Qualifications

  • A minimum of 2 years experience in sleep disorders medicine which includes supervisory and/or leadership responsibilities.
  • Maintain current certification in CPR or BCLS.

Skills, Proficiencies, and other duties

  • Lead point of contact for DME personnel in a professional, courteous, cost effective manner and act as a resource for the DME technicians and Executive Director.
  • Ensure the development and implementation of standardization of procedures (SOP) for DME staff.
  • Develops DME program policies and procedures in accordance with AASM Standards.
  • Ensure timely and consistent human resources activities as developed by Alaska Sleep Clinic (i.e. Recruitment, hiring, orientation, training, performance evaluations, discipline, etc) for the DME staff in conjunction with the Sleep Care Manager and/or Executive Director.
  • Responsible for the DME supply inventory for all clinics and ensure SOPs are followed; ensuring procurement and inventory policies are understood and followed by DME staff.
  • Facilitate and oversee development of DME standardization of practices (SOP)as needed and ensure appropriate implementation at each facility.
  • Monitors DME program to assure streamline ordering processes, maintain inventory and evaluate sales.

Job Type: Full-time

Pediatric Registered Polysomnographic Technologist

Position available in Anchorage

A Registered Polysomnographic Technologist (RPSGT) performs comprehensive polysomnographic testing and analysis for infants through 18 years of age. Candidates must have pediatric experience in pediatric pre-testing desensitization, hook up and testing procedures. Child Life training is preferred.

Domains of Practice

Gather and Analyze Patient Information

  • Review history, physical information, medications, procedure request, and study protocol.
  • Complete and verify documentation.
  • Explain the procedure and orient the patient to the sleep center.

Testing Preparation Procedures

  • Prepare and calibrate equipment required for testing to determine proper functioning and make adjustments, if necessary.
  • Apply electrodes and sensors according to accepted published standards.
  • Perform appropriate physiologic calibrations to ensure proper signals and make adjustments, if necessary
  • Perform routine positive airway pressure (PAP) mask fitting.

Polysomnographic Procedures

  • Follow procedural protocols [such as Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT), Maintenance of Wakefulness Test (MWT), PAP and oxygen titration, etc. to ensure collection of appropriate data.
  • Follow “lights out” procedures to establish and document baseline values
  • Perform polysomnographic data acquisition while monitoring study-tracing quality to ensure signals are artifact-free and make adjustments, if necessary.
  • Document routine observations, including sleep stages and clinical events, changes in procedure, and other significant events in order to facilitate scoring and interpretation of polysomnographic results.
  • Implement appropriate interventions (including actions necessary for patient safety and therapeutic intervention such as continuous and bi-level positive airway pressure, oxygen administration, etc.).
  • Follow “lights on” procedures to verify integrity of collected data and complete the data collection process (e.g. repeats the physiological and instrument calibrations and instructs the patient on completing questionnaires, etc.)
  • Demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to recognize and provide age specific care in the treatment, assessment, and education of neonatal, pediatric, adolescent, adult, and geriatric patients.

Polysomnographic Record Scoring

  • Assist with scoring sleep/wake stages by applying professionally accepted guidelines.
  • Assist with scoring clinical events (such as respiratory events, cardiac events, limb movements, arousals, etc.) with center specific protocols.
  • Assist with the generation of accurate reports by tabulating sleep/wake and clinical event data.

Service Management and Professional Issues

  • Comply with applicable laws, regulations, guidelines and standards regarding safety and infection control issues.
  • Perform routine equipment care and maintenance and inventory evaluation.
  • Maintain current PALS, and CPR or BCLS certification.
  • Demonstrate effective written and spoken communication skills.

Job Type: Full-time


  • Pediatric testing: 1 year (Required)

License or certification:

  • RPSGT (Required)


Sleep Clinic Office Supervisor

Position available in Fairbanks

Job Description

Position Summary

The individual provides administrative support and direction to the sleep center. The individual is responsible for the daily operations of assigned Alaska Sleep Clinic. The Office Supervisor coordinates the scheduling of patients for sleep studies, consultations, follow up appointments, and PAP therapy setups. They communicate with patients, staff members of Alaska Sleep Clinic, staff members at other physician offices, and the general public to facilitate the referral process and educate as needed. This individual participates in the insurance verification process and assists with billing.

Educational Requirements and Qualifications

Bachelors or Associate of Science Degree from an Accredited Institute of higher learning, A minimum of 5 years experience of administrative level management, Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, Electronic Health Records, and IT Network navigation.

Job Type: Full-time


DME Technician/Marketing Representative

Position available in Fairbanks

Job Description

A DME Technician performs comprehensive PAP services including; PAP set-up and orientation, facilitating repairs, mask fittings, PAP follow-up and generating compliance reports in accordance with AASM standards. They are also responsible for HSAT set-ups, data downloads and obtaining patient vitals for consult appointments. 

This position also acts as the Marketing Representative in the Fairbanks area and functions as a liaison between the Alaska Sleep Clinic organization as a whole, its individual locations, professionals in healthcare and the public in general. This position is primarily responsible for developing marketing avenues to initiate and grow referral numbers within the designated service areas

Primary Duties:

PAP set-up

  • Orient patient to DME Programs (SleepN Program).
  • Perform PAP set-up including; review of PAP therapy prescription, instruction of PAP use, review of cleaning procedures, review compliance requirements, perform mask fitting.
  • Complete charge sheet documenting items dispensed.
  • Confirm Insurance coverage and applicable compliance requirements.
  • Obtain best contact information or follow-up/compliance calls (phone, time of day, email).
  • Enter patient data into the e-chart and other database(s) for documentation and monitoring.

PAP therapy follow-up

  • Perform routine compliance calls according to SleepN Program periodicity schedule to insure compliance with PAP therapy
  • Act as a liaison between patient and physician
  • Document compliance with treatment in patients’ e-chart; distribute reports to billing department in case compliance is required for insurance purpose

Equipment Loaners

  • Provide clean equipment to be loaned from facility
  • Complete Equipment Loaner documentation and file in patients-e-chart and other database(s) for documentation and monitoring.
  • Call patient to have item returned if not returned by date on loaner agreement.
  • Clean all returned equipment and document on loaner agreement the return date.
  • Process payments for equipment not returned, stolen or damaged (coordinate with billing staff).

HSAT set-ups/downloads

  • Program HSAT unit prior to set-up with patient information.
  • Complete Equipment Loaner agreement for HSAT device.
  • Provide detailed instructions on use of device.
  • Provide written instructions of use as well as On-Call Emergency contact information to assist in after hours issues.
  • Document return of unit on Equipment Loaner agreement.
  • Download study data for scoring by Tech.
  • Place copy of questionnaire in patient e-chart.
  • Clean and store unit for next use.

Other Responsibilities

  • Monitor and restock the inventory of supplies used for DME sales.
  • Comply with applicable laws, regulations, guidelines and standards regarding safety and infection control issues.
  • Perform routine equipment care and maintenance.
  • Maintain inventory room, equipment – organize and conduct monthly inventory.
  • Suggestions for purchasing and costs for equipment as needed.
  • Other duties as assigned.



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