The Moms Everyday Show


The "Moms Everyday" Show is a 30-minute show featuring mom panelists from all over the country. The show has often welcomed representatives from Alaska Sleep Clinic to discuss sleep health topics relevant to moms. Watch their segments below:



Can You Catch Up on Sleep?



What is Periodic Limb Disorder?


How Women's Sleep Needs and Health are Unique




Ear Problems for Sleep Apnea Sufferers



The 5 Senses of Sleep


Creating a Sleep-Healthy Family



Is Sleep the Best Defense Against Viruses?






Is Covid-19 Stress Keeping You Up @ Night?









Is Child's Sleep Issues from Tonsils or Sleep Apnea?




Effects of Vaping on Teen's Sleep Health 





Link Between Breast Cancer and Sleep Health



AK Sleep Clinic and The AK Club

Team up for a Healthier Alaska


Sleep and Young Athletes:

The Road to Physical AND Mental Preparedness



How to Combat the Summer Sleep Slide!




Supporting Your CPAP-Wearing Spouse: 

Tips for Harmony in the Home



New Moms and Sleep Deprivation: Don't Just Survive



Can You Reset Your Child's Internal Sleep Clock?


 Sleep Texting: What Parents of Teens Need to Know 





How Sleep Apnea Leads to High Blood Pressure in Children 


Moms_AlaskaSleepClinic_SleepApneaHighBloodPressure_Nov18_Email (1)



  Asthma and Sleep Apnea 

w/ Pediatric Medical Director, Harry Yuan, DO


Moms_AlaskaSleepClinic_AsthmaAndSleep_Oct18_Email (1) (1)



The Connection of Sleep Apnea and Heart Disease in Women 






Sleep Apnea and Pregnancy: Part 2,

How It Affects Baby




Snoring, Sleep Apnea and Pregnancy: Part 1,

How It Affects Mom



 Surviving Sleep Deprivation in the Alaskan Summer





School District Time Change

Teens and Their Circadian Rhythm


Sleep Apnea and Eye Disorders 

w/ Dr. Sherry Lentfer from Katmai Eye 



Sleep and Sports Injuries



Teaching Children About Sleep


School Year Bedtime Schedule


Obstructive Sleep Apnea


Obstructive Sleep Apnea Testimonial


Sleep Apnea in Children


Sleep Apnea Surgery


Sleep Deprivation


Sleep Hygiene


Sleep Studies


Teens and Sleep Apnea