Are you wondering if a Sleep Study is right for you? Fear not, as you’re clearly not alone. Each year, we at The Alaska Sleep Clinic work with hundreds and hundreds of people just like you, struggling with their sleeping patterns and wondering what they can do to remedy their situation.

What to Expect from a sleep study

A sleep study is just what it sounds like: a study of your sleep. Known as a polysomnogram, a sleep study measures many different factors involved in sleeping. It is conducted during the night while you slumber in a private and comfortable room. The polysomnogram measures and records breathing patterns, body movement, blood-oxygen levels, muscle activity and heart rhythm… throughout the different stages of sleep. Typically, the sleep study will last 6 to 8 hours.

A sleep study is noninvasive and painless. Usually, a physical exam and detailed medical history take place prior to the study. In some cases, treatment can begin at the initial visit. However, most people need a sleep study in order for us to accurately assess the sleep issue. During the study, large amounts of data are collected about your sleep. This high volume of information must be analyzed and interpreted. We perform the analysis and interpretation prior to producing a final report. The final report is sent to your referring physician. The diagnosis will include the type, severity, and character of your disorder.

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