Complete the following form.  Check all the supplies you wish to order. After you submit the form, one of our trained DME technicians will contact you in 24 - 48 hours to further discuss customizing your order. REMINDER: All PAP and humidifier sales require a prescription. 

Machines come with a hose, AC plug with international adapters and a carrying case.

The manufacturer tested fully charged batteries at 14cm H20 and estimates:

  • P4: 7-9 hours of use and approximately 5 hours AC recharge time.

  • P8: 14-16 hours of use and approximately 8 hours to recharge.

  • Due to power requirements, the humidifier CANNOT be used with a battery.

  • The solar charger will take approximately 12 hours to recharge a P8 in optimal conditions and direct sunlight.

  • The humidifier is AC powered and CANNOT be used with a battery.