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5 Ways to Improve Your Sleep When Under Pressure

Posted by Sally Norton on Sep 16, 2019 7:25:00 AM

We live in a crazy world. People are always rushing somewhere, they are overworked and usually preoccupied with everyday problems. All of these things, and many more, of course, tend to bring a lot of stress into our lives. And that same stress really does know how to keep us awake at night. It seems like stress and sleepless nights go one with the other.

When our bodies are constantly under pressure and stressed out, we may also develop various kinds of illnesses and weaken our immune system. That is why it is necessary to deal with this 'sleepless state', even if it does not seem like a big problem to you now. So, without further ado, here are five ways to improve your sleep when under pressure.

1. Do Not Drink Any Caffeine or Alcohol Before You Go to Bed


Well, it is a known fact that drinking caffeine before going to bed will keep your eyes open for longer than intended. So, coffee lovers, if you are under pressure and have difficulties falling asleep, try cutting down on caffeine, especially before bedtime. It is also a good idea to avoid drinking anything that has caffeine in it after lunch.

Coffee is not the only thing you should stay away from when trying to fall asleep. You have to avoid alcoholic drinks too! Yes, many people say that drinking alcohol makes them fall asleep more easily. But they are wrong.

Even though alcohol may put you to sleep initially, it will act as a stimulant a couple of hours later, and that will result in a sleepless night, too. So, if you have troubles sleeping, try drinking some beverages that help the sleep-deprived like milk.

 Never drink coffee nor alcohol before going to sleep. You will regret it!

2. Do Some Light Reading

Probably every student out there will tell you the same thing - the moment you start reading something, you will fall asleep. Well, that is true. Light reading can be really relaxing for our brains and bodies. And when we are relaxed and under no pressure, it is going to be quite easy to fall asleep.

Start by creating or establishing a pre-sleep routine. Have a snack, take a bath, get in your comfortable pajamas and start reading something. You should not read any books for your classes if you are a student or anything related to your work. That can only make you feel even more stressed out.

Instead, read a regular book or find a magazine or a booklet and read about something you find interesting, like leaving Florida with assistance if you plan on moving soon, or read a love novel if you are into that.

3. Exercise in the Morning; Do Yoga at Night

This all depends on the person, but many claim that mornings are for doing active things like running or doing aerobics or fitness, and yoga and stretching are for the evenings. This is because while exercising before bedtime we are 'waking our bodies up'. And when adrenaline is rushing, it is quite difficult to fall asleep.


Try to leave your exercise routine for the mornings or at least do it three or four hours before bedtime.

At night, or before you get ready for bed, try doing something more relaxing and soothing. For example, you can do some light stretching, or practice some yoga for better sleep. Moreover, you can do some breathing exercises before sleeping too! Many people claim that that gives great results as well.

Yoga and meditation can really help people who are constantly under pressure and have difficulties sleeping.

4. Go to Bed When You Are Truly Tired

Another thing that many people do is go to bed at the time they are used to but are not truly tired. Yes, having a routine is a great thing! But, that does not mean that you should go to sleep at 11 p.m. even if you are not tired. That will only result in a sleepless night.

Go to bed when you are tired.

Even if you’ve had a day off, try doing some activity before going to bed.

You can take your dog for a walk, or walk by yourself; you can also clean the house, wash the dishes, do some work for tomorrow or anything else that does not require sitting or laying down. Basically, do anything that will keep you on your feet. Avoid lying in your bed, watching TV or looking at your phone right before you plan on going to sleep. Those things will only keep you awake even longer.

Going to bed when you are not tired will only lead to frustration. So, stand on your two feet, walk around your apartment, listen to some music or anything else for half an hour until you start feeling tired.

If you’re not feeling tired enough for sleeping, put on your headphones and play some music to improve your sleep. After a while, you will start feeling sleepy.

5. Create Sleep-Inducing Environment to Improve Your Sleep

Another thing that will not allow you to sleep, especially if you are under pressure, is a room not suitable for sleeping. That means that your room must be a dark and quiet place.

Shut down all the windows, put the shades on them, turn off all the lights and sources of sound like the TV or computer.

If you live in a loud environment, you can also buy those noise cancellation appliances or simply go to the pharmacy and buy earplugs. It is also a good idea to invest in a good quality bed and memory foam pillows. Make sure that your sheets and blankets are clean and that there is not a lot of mess in the room. For some people, mess can be a big reason for pressure and inability to fall asleep.

It may also help you to have some kind of lavender in your room. It can be fresh, dried, or in the form of essential oil. But, if you find that no home remedies bring sleep quickly or even not at all, call Alaska Sleep Clinic today for your free sleep assessment with a board-certified sleep specialist.

Improve Your Sleep.  Improve Your Life.

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