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How Blackout Shades Help You Sleep During Alaska’s Long Summer Days

Posted by Biswajit Rakshit on May 24, 2020 1:42:00 PM


During the long summer days, sunlight rays in the evening and morning easily filter into rooms. This usually disrupts the sleep process whether we are conscious of it or not.

Experts have made it clear that an adult of over 18 years needs an average of 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every day. And usually, the body needs total darkness to be able to fall asleep. 

During the long summer days in Alaska, many people will have a hard time trying to fall asleep. This is because light rays will keep coming in through the windows in the evening and also very early in the morning. The sun might set late and rise too early to make it comfortable to sleep.

It might cut down normal sleeping times drastically, resulting in less time for individuals to have optimum sleep conditions. This means that you need to put your room in the best condition for everything to be dark enough so your body can get ready for sleep. 

  • How Blackout Shades work

One way to keep your room dark despite the intense sun rays in Alaska is to install Blackout Shades for deep sleep.

These shades could come in white, black or any other color you want. Both colors effectively block out sun rays completely, the other color types are also effective as well. 

What blackout shades do is to completely block out sun rays thereby keeping your room dark. It’s also useful for people who work 2nd or 3rd shift.

Our eyes are designed to detect light even when the eyelids are closed. Given this, a slight change in sunlight intensity will likely to disturb our sleep. This shouldn't be allowed to go on when Blackout Shades are available. The good thing is that they are inexpensive.

If you are already struggling with getting enough sleep, Blackout Shades will help you to induce sleep.

  • Blackout Shades combat insomnia in Alaska

Alaska is a place far north that has long summer days. There can be up to 22 hours of daylight in the state! So much that they have special daylight hours calculators dedicated to them. This is due to time zone boundaries.

Blackout Shades can help you with Alaska's summer days. To be able to get at least 8 hours of sleep in Alaska, you need to block out all light rays that might stray into the room.

Using the shades can help you to achieve this effect by making the room look like it's night time. Alaskans have come to cope with these long daylights by investing in Blackout Shades.

Insomnia is a debilitating condition that can even lead to other health conditions. Apart from seeking medical solutions for insomnia, you should consider buying blackout shades.

They are really helpful in making your room look dark regardless of the time of the day. Perhaps you have young children or have someone who is recovering from an illness, these shades are the ideal solution for sound sleep. 

Summer in Alaska is amazing, but can also wreak havoc on your sleep cycle. These tips and tricks can go a long way in helping you sleep under the midnight sun. If you are worried about the sleep you are getting, give us a call at the Alaska Sleep Clinic so we can help you have a restful summer.

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