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Too Cold to Sleep: 5 Tricks on How to Stay Warm at Night

Posted by Jennifer Hines

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on May 21, 2021 9:34:41 AM

What is the best temp for quality sleep?

As necessary as proper rest is, some people can really struggle with creating the right atmosphere that will promote relaxation and help them drift off to the land of zzz’s. One of the most common struggles is finding the perfect balance between sweating the night away and shivering under a pile of blankets.

 When we go to bed, our bodies’ functions are reduced to a minimum. That’s why some people tend to feel very cold just when they hit the sack. And while we do generally sleep far better in cooler environments, the same won’t be quite possible if we’re feeling too cold. So, with that in mind, here are 5 ways you can stay warm at night without running the risk you’ll wake up sweating under a pile of blankets.

Choose the right mattress

Believe it or not, but the mattress you sleep on can greatly affect not just how comfortable you are but how warm you feel during the night. Some mattresses can even make you sweat more than usual, which may lead to feeling extremely cold afterward. That’s why you need to find the right type of mattress that will help you keep your body temperature optimal. For instance, as counterintuitive as it may initially sound, you should look for mattresses that feature a cooling layer. When you learn more about this product, you’ll see that the cooling layer will help you avoid getting too hot, which means that you won’t wake up covered in sweat even if you’ve piled one blanket too many on top. 

Get yourself an electric blanket – or a hot water bottle

Electric blankets are great inventions that have helped people stay warm and toasty for ages. They are a great choice for anyone struggling with the lack of warmth when hitting the sack. But if you don’t really want to invest in an electric blanket, you can always use plastic water bottles. Filling these with warm water will help you warm up when you go to sleep. And since the water in the bottles will gradually cool off over time, it will prevent you from getting too warm and uncomfortable. 

Get all the blankets

Instead of amping up your thermometer before you go to bed, reach for multiple blankets. By layering them on top, you can easily “peel back” layers as you start to get warm and comfy. Since the ideal room temperature for sleep is around 65 degrees Fahrenheit, amping up your thermometer may only lead to your room getting too warm eventually. However, layered blankets are easy to remove – or add on – as necessary, which is why this is definitely a better idea. 

Have a pair of sleep socks handy

Our feet are usually the part of our body where we feel cold the most. So, if icy feet are preventing you from getting all toasty and cozy when you go to sleep, solve this issue by simply having a pair of warm sleep socks at hand. While the thickness and the type of socks will depend on your personal preferences, you should always choose a pair that doesn’t have an elastic band that’s too strong. An elastic band that’s too strong may compromise normal circulation, which can lead to your feet feeling even colder with the socks on than they did without them. 

Snuggle up with your partner

If you’re sharing a bed with your partner, you already have an excellent source of heat right next to you. Snuggling up with your partner is a great way to not only stay warm but get come cuddles as well. However, if your parent is a known blanket thief, you may consider getting separate covers. This way you won’t run the risk of waking up feeling too cold only to find out that your partner snatched up all the blankets from you.

If you find yourself still having sleep troubles after trying these tips, it could be a sign of a sleep disorder. If you would like to talk with a sleep specialist about your sleep issues, contact The Alaska Sleep Clinic for a free 10-minute phone consultation and let us help you decide if a sleep study may be right for you.

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