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Why You Need to Use Knee Pillow for Sleeping?

Posted by Jennifer Hines

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on Nov 30, 2021 5:58:32 AM

Couple sleeping soundly using knee pillows.

Did you know that you can use a pillow in other parts of your body apart from your head? A pad can serve different parts of your body.  You may need to use a pillow to support your waist and even your elbows in some cases. Some conditions demand that you use a cushion between your knees to ease the pain. Enjoying better sleep requires comfort, and placing a pillow such as Everlasting Comfort Knee Pillow between your knees is a sure way to feel pampered. Besides putting a pad between your knees, prevent them from rubbing. Below is why you need to use a knee pillow for sleeping:

  • Gives the Right Sleeping Posture

At times you miss the proper sleeping posture and end up feeling uncomfortable. Using a knee pillow will give you the correct posture as it will soothe your pressure points. Similarly, your body regenerates tissue cells when you are sleeping, so using a knee pillow from online stores like will enable you to sleep comfortably while relaxed hence allowing regeneration of tissue cells. The weight of your leg may also strain the other leg, so using a cushion between them will ease the weight.  

  • Prevents Pressure

While sleeping, there is high tension of muscles in the lower back and hips. It is best to use the right knee pad, such as an everlasting comfort knee pillow, to achieve comfort. Having the right knee cushion helps in eliminating the pressure and keeping you comfortable during your sleep. An appropriate knee cushion comes in the correct size and material. If you have a condition, it is best to consult an expert on the pillow's length to avoid causing more harm. 

  •  Reduce Knee and Lower Back Pain

If you prefer sleeping on your back, the pressure on your spine may at times cause you pain. Placing a cushion under your knees and lower back minimizes strain on your spine. Besides, when your spine is aligned, you get a restful sleep as you will not have the pains and the aches when you wake up. If you are suffering from sciatica, a knee pillow will enable you to have a better night's sleep as the nerve path will be relaxed. If you are on medication for knee or back pain, it helps if you consult your doctor before buying a knee pad from sites like to use during sleep.

  • Increase Blood Flow

Sleeping on your side makes one side of your body press against the other; this will make your bodyweight press down on your legs and hips hence compressing the blood vessels.  The pressure can cause pain in your limbs or even tingling. In some prolonged cases, it can cause erectile dysfunction if the blood circulation is slow. To help, you can relieve some weight by using a knee pillow which will help press your body to the bed.  When the weight is transferred to the buffer, it is evenly redistributed in the body, thus improving circulation. When the circulation is improved, the tingling is prevented. 


When you have a pillow between your legs while sleeping, you can breathe properly. The cushion helps in spine alignment, which opens your airways to allow free passage of air. As much as you are using a knee cushion-like Everlasting Comfort Knee Pillow, it also helps if you have the right pad on your head to avoid straining the upper part of the body.

Sometimes you may think it’s insomnia that’s keeping you awake at night when the truth is, you just haven’t found the right pillow that will suit your needs. Don’t take your pillows for granted—they’re such an essential element in making sure that you can sleep and rest comfortably anytime you want.

Considering all aspects of pleasant rest is important to know how to pick a perfect pillow.

Sometimes the right bed, pillow, bedding, and atmosphere are not the answer to your sleep problems.  When that is the case, you need to get to the source to improve both your sleep and overall health.

You are not alone here.  Talk with your Primary Care doctor or contact us here at Alaska Sleep Clinic for your free sleep assessment,

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