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5 Delicious Homemade Juices To Remedy Sleep Disorders

Posted by Tryggvi Sigurbjarnarson on Oct 21, 2020 12:26:28 PM

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Do you struggle with sleep at night and/or were you diagnosed with a sleep disorder? You are not alone! Studies indicate that nearly 70M Americans struggle with sleep disorders. The optimal recommended sleep amount is 8 hours a day. If you get a good night's rest, you can escape the feeling of drowsiness, focus issues, and nodding off during the day. The best way to solve your sleep disorder is to address the issue at its core: The internal body. There are juicing recipes that you can make at home to provide your body with the optimal nutrition it needs for a good night's sleep.

If your body is deprived of sleep, it can lead to other chemical dysfunction that affects your hormonal levels. For instance, sleep deprivation is directly linked with heightened stress and adrenaline levels. There is a stress chemical called “cortisol” which served as a defense mechanism back in the Tribal era - this is what kept us alive from predators by keeping us alert. 

  • The issue is that when the body produces an excess of cortisol, it can cause you to stay alert at night and lead to sleep disorders. According to reports, the best way to decrease the cortisol stress chemical is to detoxify and flush it out of your body. As the main alternative to sleeping medication, you have nutritious recipes that contain all the detoxification properties you need.

The advantage of getting adequate nutrition is that you'll cleanse your body of stress chemicals and produce chemicals that allow your brain to relax and go to sleep. You don't have to suffer and stay up late every night. Prepare and consume the juices mentioned below before you go to sleep to wake up well-rested:

  • Almond Milk Recipe

Almond milk is a drink we universally recommend for all people struggling with sleep disorders. Almond milk can be purchased ready-made or you can make it at home by mixing almonds, water, salt, and any potential add-ons in the juicer until it becomes creamy and smooth. How can almond milk help your sleep quality? Studies indicate that almonds can significantly increase serotonin in the brain.

Serotonin is a chemical needed to initiate sleep. If you consume almond milk before bed, you can accelerate the relaxation process and go to sleep early. Serotonin needs tryptophan for mass production, a chemical found in almond milk. Almond milk also has magnesium in high amounts and this nutrient is important for a long quality sleep.

  • Celery Juice Recipe

Celery juice can help your sleep quality because it contains “phthalate” chemical compounds. These chemical compounds are present in celery fruit and they help reduce the blood pressure in the body. They also reduce blood pressure which affects the production of cortical stress chemicals and helps stabilize the nervous system - essential for quality sleep. Celery also contains magnesium and potassium in similar amounts to almonds. 

To make celery juice at home, you're going to need green apples, celery ribs, one peeled lemon, and a fennel bulb. You can mix the ingredients in water and add it to the grinder. If you want to add greens, kale tends to go along well with celery. Consume this drink half an hour before you go to bed to guarantee a quality night of sleep.

  • Dill Juice Recipe

Dill is one of the world's most powerful ingredients that doctors recommend for sleep disorders. If you want to replace sleep medication with a natural ingredient, this is the way to go as it serves as a natural sleep remedy.

Dill has the highest concentration of eugenol enzymes, and it stimulates the natural production of these enzymes in the brain. This gives you immediate stress relief and makes you feel calm during the night. To prepare a dill juice, use celery with 12 ribs, 1 lemon, 1 stalk, and one green apple. Place all the ingredients in the juicer and consume it 1 hour before bedtime.

  • Green Juice Recipe

We recommend green juice once you've detoxified your body and you want to keep up the sweet sleep. There are two important minerals that the body needs for long-term quality sleep: Potassium and magnesium. These minerals can be obtained in healthy greens such as lettuce, spinach, broccoli, and kale.

The main advantage of green juices is that you can consume them daily without any side effects because they contain little to no sugar and/or harmful ingredients. To prepare green juice, mix green apples with 2 cups of broccoli or spinach. Consider a small amount of salt to get more taste. Consume them before going to sleep.

  • Cocktail Recipe

Want to try out a tasty cocktail that will give you numerous sleep benefits? You can make a cherry cocktail. The main benefit of cherry is that it's high in melatonin contents. If you have melatonin in the body, you'll always have a good night's sleep. Melatonin is heavily distributed in all cherries. 

To make a tasty cherry cocktail, you'll need to get fresh cherries and mix them with one apple and a handful of spinach or broccoli. Add water to the mix and consume the drink before you go to sleep at night. After a few days of consuming this drink, you should see lowered symptoms of insomnia.

Final Notes

Remember that healthy juices alone won't be enough to compensate for restless nights - you also have to take care of your body. For one, make sure you consume nutritious foods during the day. If you work in a stress-heavy environment and you consume bad nutrition throughout the day, the juice will be like putting a band-aid on a bullet wound.

Go for a full lifestyle change: Exercise, eat right, and go to bed every night at 10 PM sharp. This is the body's natural rest time. Even if you feel unprepared to sleep at that time, lie down and relax. The most important part is to put your body in a relaxed position where it can fall asleep naturally.

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