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6 Essential Oils That Are Proven To Induce A Deep Sleep

Posted by Liz Thomas on Mar 10, 2021 1:10:00 AM

Sleep disorders, like insomnia or sleep apnea, can prevent deep sleep or cause sleepless nights. It can become worrisome if this becomes a routine. The right thing to do is to start searching for practical solutions. In the process, one may think of changing the mattress, beddings, or even the bedroom tone, which may be costly.

Essential oils are great for sleep.

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Instead of spending vast amounts of money, the solution could lie in essential oils. Using essential oils is the simple, affordable, safe, and proven method that anyone can adopt to get a deep sleep.

Another good thing about using essential oils to induce deep sleep is that they are easy to use and have various other unique health benefits. Little wonder the older generations depended on them so much.

Try these six essential oils that are proven to induce deep sleep-

Vanilla oil

Vanilla is one of the scents everyone finds delightful, even in cakes. This appealing oil is one of the essential oils used mainly for its relaxing effect that also induces sound sleep.

The oil is proven to relieve stress and calm the nervous system, one of the determinants of sleep disorders. Also, it lowers blood pressure, making it highly recommendable.

CBD oil

CBD oil is used for various therapeutic benefits, including reducing pain, anxiety, and seizure that affects sleep. One of the researches carried out on the effect of CBD oil on insomnia patients proved that the oil lessens cortisol levels, making them sleep better. That means CBD oil is highly sedative.

The two most common components of Cannabis are CBD and THC. THC cannabis oil has a significant effect on the brain. THC is psychoactive, but CBD is non-impairing like THC, thus making it the best option for inducing deep sleep


The commonest essential oil for inducing deep sleep is lavender oil. The oil is extracted from the lavender shrub, and it has a delightful scent of floral and pine aroma. It’s great for aiding sleep by calming the body.

The scent of this essential oil is soothing, and merely perceiving it can provide instant relief. Also, it wades off anxiety and stress that could make one experience insomnia.

Many researchers found out that lavender is beneficial to depressed patients and it relieves pains in the body. Furthermore, this powerful oil has sedative effects, helping users sleep quickly and deeper, mostly if used before bedtime.

Knowing how to use oils correctly is essential.


Valerian is an essential oil that has many medicinal effects. The oil is sourced from the beautiful pink flowers, and it has been around for ages. Valerian oil's aroma is soothing that it can help one feel drowsy in no time, making users sleep better and wake up energized.

According to research, valerian essential oil is perfect for insomnia patients. It helps restless people stay calm and makes them perform better when awake. These effects are attributed to the oil’s valerenic acid, which breaks down the neurotransmitter GABA that induces deep sleep.

Ylang Ylang

The ylang-ylang oil originates from the fruit flowers of Canaga trees. The essential oil is known for its sleep-inducing effects because it soothes the body, reduces stress, and aids sleep quality in insomnia patients.  

Likewise, the essential oil reduces pulse rate and blood pressure, putting the user in the best mood to sleep well.


The frankincense oil originates from Boswellia Sacra Trees, and it has a sweet and woody scent. This oil is among the oldest and historical essential oils in Egypt, mostly used for various natural health benefits.

Frankincense is one of the valuable essential oils for aromatherapeutic use. It’s proven to relieve stress and make the body fall into a relaxed mood, naturally.  

How to use essential oils to induce a deep sleep

To get the significant benefits from these essential oils, here are the best ways to apply them:

  • Pour a small quantity of any essential oil of your choice into any carrier oil, such as grapeseed or olive, and apply the mixture on your forehead, chest, or neck before bedtime.
  • Light up aromatherapy candles made with wax infused with any of the mentioned essential oils.
  • Get an air infuser and add a few drops of the essential oil to it to disperse the oil's scent in your room.
  • Pour a little quantity of essential oil on your palm, and rub your palms before inhaling the scent of the oil.
  • Get some water, and add essential oil to it before spraying your pillow or room with the mixture.
  • Put drops of essential oil in boiling water, and cover your head with a clean towel before inhaling the steam of the boiling-infused water.

Lavender oil samples.Conclusion

The use of essential oils to induce sleep is highly effective since the oil's scent will enter your nostrils or your bloodstream through your skin. Once the olfactory nerve receptors receive the essential oil’s scent, it will pass the signal to your brain. That process makes the vital oil relax your body, relieve stress, and induce deep sleep.

You can try all these essential oils to find the one most suitable for you since the body reaction differs. Finally, follow the instruction on the package of the essential oil you prefer to avoid misusing it.

If you continue to have insomnia, talk to your health care provider or consider consulting with one of our board-certified providers, who specializes in sleep disorders.

Established as the first independent diagnostic testing facility (IDTF) sleep clinic in Alaska in 2002, AIaska Sleep Clinic has grown to 4 locations and 13 beds.  Alaska Sleep Clinic is the most comprehensive sleep clinic in Alaska. Contact us today for your FREE sleep assessment.

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