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7 Tips on Getting Up Earlier

Posted by Serena Dorf on Dec 4, 2018 9:17:13 AM

Do you want to turn into a morning person? That’s fantastic! Your life is going to change drastically, starting with this very moment, if only you’re ready to take action. Seriously, waking up early comes with lots of advantages, from boosting your productivity to living a healthier and happier life.grass

As great as it sounds, I must warn you that this habit is often a hard quest. As most probably it will take you some time to get used to heading to bed at an appropriate hour, you might experience sleep deprivation, a state which will give you adrenaline during the first few days. That’s when the challenge begins.

Remember that pain and suffering are part of the process and that all great heroes suffered before they thrived. But even heroes have been helped, so here we are helping you, by presenting our top 7 tips about getting up earlier.

1.      It All Starts with The Evening Before

Choosing to enroll in the journey of turning yourself into a morning person requires preparation. So, it all starts with the evening before your journey. You need to make sure that everything is at its place. I mean, who could ever find waking up motivating when in the house you live in is a total mess, especially while you’re dealing with the hard process of changing your life.

As Jennet Parkers, the HR manager at EssayOTime, advises, “To make waking up earlier a pleasant experience, make sure all the environmental aspects are in your favor and in order. From cleaning your kitchen to preparing your outfit for the next day, make sure your surroundings feel pleasant.” Just try this and see how great it feels on your own skin.

2.    Get an Alarm Clock

By getting an alarm, I mean stop using your smartphone as an alarm and get yourself a real alarm clock – if the ticking annoys you, you’d better opt for a digital version. Why? First of all, sleeping with the phone near your head damages your brain and the quality of your sleep.

Second of all, you’ll be tempted to check your newsfeed and notification which will only keep you further from your goal. Not to mention that watching any screen before one hour prior to going to sleep does more damage to your sleep quality than you can ever imagine. If you don’t believe me, just try it for a week!

One more advice concerning the alarm clock. I suggest you place it as far from you as you can while still being able to hear it well enough to wake you up. Why? Because it will require you to step out of the comfy bed to turn it off and avoid falling asleep.

3.    Plan Your Morning Routine

I don’t even know from where to begin explaining you the importance of making, having, and following a morning routine. It’s simply crucial to have one! Just imagine, waking up, all dizzy and sleepy, with one hour at your disposal before you have to leave the house.

While wondering what to wear, whether to take a shower, whether to eat this or that, whether you have time for coffee or not… you’ll realize that that one hour is gone and you’re going to be late… Again. Therefore, plan your morning step by step, minute by minute, activity by activity. And don’t forget to make your bed!

4.    Take Baby Steps

Taking baby steps must be the key rule when you’re about to change something important in your life. Just don’t try to quicken up the process and simply improve one thing at a time and sleep on them. Otherwise, you’ll only overwhelm yourself and reach failure sooner than you expect.

Oh, and about expectations. Don’t! Don’t have expectations! Expectations, like money, is the root of all evil. You can’t possibly know how things are going to occur in the future, so there is absolutely no point in doing it. Expecting something is, in other words, your desire to feel disappointed. Just be realistic instead.

5.     No More “Snooze”

You can keep snoozing or keep lying to yourself because honestly, this is kind of the same thing. Falling asleep for a few minutes and waking up over and over again won’t make you feel more rested. You’re only wasting your time while giving yourself a lazy head start for the day.

Simply quit this bad habit of endless snoozes that can only make the waking up process worse. And, as I already said, get an actual alarm clock that doesn’t have this “snooze” feature, and place it further from your bed in order to force yourself to leave the bed to turn it off.

6.    Energize Your Body

Energy, the one thing most of us lack in the morning, and one of the resources that most of us don’t know how to get without coffee. But what can you do when coffee’s effect is no longer active? Please don’t say drink more coffee.

Lemon water is the best natural energizer in the world. It’s pure energy. In order to get the best out of it, I suggest drinking in on an empty stomach. Equally important and energizing is exercising, a cardiovascular activity. You don’t have to sweat it out. All you need is a good stretch and 15 minutes of jogging to increase the flow of your blood.

7.     Leverage the Power of Your Mind

Our mind is an amazing tool yet must of us don’t really know how to leverage it. Let’s take as an example the power of motivation. I’m talking about the true motivation that can lead the way out even throughout the darkest times.

As well, everything that exists now was first a thought in someone’s mind. So, you can probably imagine what power lies in our minds. You should encounter your emotions with love and passion, states of mind that sooner or later will lead to you to action. Just keep centering your thoughts on what you want to achieve and let your mind lead the way.

ConclusionSerena Dorf

This was it, all the information you need in order to succeed on the path of morning persons. Of course, you can adapt these 7 tips according to the lifestyle you’d like to have. Keep your calm, stay strong, and with the right amount of patience you’ll realize that you have already turned into a morning person and that is wasn’t that hard after all. Now stop wasting your time and play your way out from being a night owl.

If your sleep issues go beyond just a night or two of sleeplessness, call us here at Alaska Sleep Clinic today for your free sleep assessment.

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