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Can a Humidifier Help Guard Your Health and Sleep Better

Posted by Jennifer Hines

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on Oct 18, 2021 10:15:21 AM

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You may feel like it is a small change; however, using a bedroom humidifier can make a huge difference. This device can help your body to stay healthy and sleep better. Using a humidifier is one of the best ways that you can improve the quality of air in your home by increasing the moisture levels. During both the winter and summer, in particular, maintaining a relative humidity level between 40 and 60% indoors has a number of surprising benefits.

If you are the type of person that snores at night or has sinus issues and you want to improve the quality of air that you breathe in your bedroom, then choose a good humidifier. In addition to offering you Everlasting Comfort, using a humidifier while sleeping has many distinctive health-related advantages. Whether in winter or summer and you want to maintain the best humidity levels, the following are the main reasons why you should consider an ultrasonic mist humidifier.


  • Relieve From Sinuses

If you regularly feel like your nose is congested or have sinus and sinusitis pain, then it is important to make sure that the air you breathe has enough moisture levels. When the mucus is too sticky and thick, this causes congestion blocking out the air that you should breathe with your nose. This makes it difficult for you to breathe, especially when you have sinusitis. Dry air makes sinuses feel tight and quite uncomfortable. One way that you can ease the congestion and prevent sinusitis is by buying a humidifier. 


  • Reduces Respiratory Issue Triggers

There are many related respiratory conditions like asthma, allergy among others affecting different people globally, both adults and children. However, a humidifier can significantly help people who have respiratory complications by reducing the symptoms. If you have respiratory issues like asthma, the first thing is to make sure that you are breathing humidified air; this helps by reducing the asthma attacks that you may experience. A bedroom humidifier increases the moisture in your room, ensuring your airways are properly lubricated and, at the same time, allows the phlegm to flow properly. This is important in preventing issues like asthma attacks.


  • Healthy Skin

If you have dry skin issues like eczema, this can be caused by dryness of the air. Such conditions can get complicated, especially if you reside in dry and hot environments because this will take moisture from the skin. Well, you may live in a humid place; however, if your bedroom has dry air, the moisture on your skin will also be affected, making your skin to be dry. Your skin will crack, become itchy and peeling, and you may start to bleed. The best solution to this issue is to increase the humidity levels in your bedroom. Your skin will be moisturized and well-nourished as you sleep.

If your bedroom air has insufficient humidity levels breathing will be unpleasant. Sleeping properly is essential for your health and wellbeing. However, unless you experience comfortthen you may not be able to sleep well and feel rested. It is quite frustrating to get snuggled up in your bed, ready to sleep, only to end up fighting the discomfort of breathing dry air as you struggle to sleep. Your best option is to find an ultrasonic mist humidifier and experience Everlasting Comfort while you enjoy your good night's sleep. 

Using a humidifier while you sleep has some health benefits that are apparent. For example, you will notice that you struggle less with dry skin, sinus problems, bloody noses, and cracked lips. You may also feel some relief from congestion if you have a cold.

Why Do I Sleep Better with a Humidifier?

Apart from the health benefits in the summer and winter, some people find that they simply sleep better with a humidifier running at night. Why is this?

First, because maintaining the optimal humidity level increases your overall comfort when trying to fall asleep. It can help ease an itchy, irritated throat. Second, a humidifier creates a ‘white noise’ effect while it runs overnight. The soft hum of a fan or humidifier has been shown to help people calm down and nod off.  Even CPAP machines come with a humidifier and it is a huge success for sleep apnea patients.

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