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Can You Sleep With Contact Lenses?

Posted by Travis Roberts on Jul 12, 2021 9:03:51 AM



There are multiple precautions to be taken when you adopt contact lenses for sharp vision. Several lenses are available in the market with different shapes and features. Also, there are many reasons to adopt them in your life. Many people think that they look pretty in contact lenses. On the other hand, it is the best for athletes or sports persons on the ground for a clear vision. 

If compared to traditional and modern eyeglasses, it gives more clear vision and better natural sight. They are moveable and have no frames to obstruct your vision in any manner. However, their maintenance and the way you carry them matters a lot. The use of contact lenses has more follow-ups with your eye doctor to maintain your eye's health.

Sleeping With Your Contact Lenses? Here’s What You Should Know:

Everyone needs a clear and sharp vision for their daily work. There are many portals online like have a variety of lenses that you can purchase without a doctor’s prescription. Contact lenses are easy to handle when it adopts your eyes. It won’t create a single trace of doubt on whether you have had eyeglasses earlier. 

However, the scenario is different when you go to sleep or even for a nap. It is not recommended by the experts to wear contact lenses while sleeping or on a nap. It has detrimental effects on the internal parts of your eyes. Multiple small organs are working like machinery behind your eyes. They support your overall vision.


Why Should You Remove Your Contact Lenses Before Sleeping?

Doctors advise you to take off your lenses before you sleep. A healthy cornea needs hydration and oxygen to effectively work for the entire vision system. These lenses are specifically manufactured to support eyes when they are open and exposed to light. Here are a few reasons as to why you should remove your lenses even when you nap for a while:

Risk Of Serious Eye Infection:
Several studies show that around 85% of teenagers and 81% of adults are susceptible to eye infections due to contact lenses.  The CDC statement says that sleeping in contact lenses increases the probability of serious infections by ten times. If not taken seriously, it can lead to serious corneal damage where surgery is the last resort.

Dryness and Gritty Eyes:
If the infection is not serious, it can be controlled easily by applying eye drops. However, the immediate effect that one can face is dry and gritty eyes. Dry eyes lead to irritation and further to itching. 

Also, a slight crusty buildup can be seen on the areas around the eyes especially on the lashes and the inner corners.  It is advised to see your doctor even during dryness and itching.  

Eye Damage:
The cornea is the healthiest part of your eyes. If precautions are not taken seriously, the infection can lead to serious damage to the cornea in the eyes. Once damaged, it leads to overall damage to your vision. Serious cases lead to surgery to bring your vision back to normal. 

Purchasing contact lenses online is easy and affordable. Several portals like have made it easy for lens lovers to purchase them without any prescription. All you need to do is order the best one within a few clicks.   

Wearing lenses successfully has no harmful effects. It makes you look stylish as compared to eyeglasses. But one thing to strictly remember is you cannot sleep with your contact lenses inside your eyes. Be proactive and vigilant in your sleeping and napping habits. Remember to remove and preserve your lenses properly as advised by the doctor. 

Before washing up in the evening, you should remove your contacts and immediately clean them. It would be best if you follow the cleaning procedures. After which, you can place them into their case. Never forget to clean your case every night and letting it air dry before using it.

Following these tips and recommendations will allow you to take good care of your contact lenses and eyes. If there are any problems or unusual symptoms that you may experience, make sure to go to your doctor right away. Also, you will have to visit your doctor regularly to check if they need to change its size or prescription.

Alaska Sleep Clinic has worked with Dr. Sherry Lentfer from Katmai Eye Clinic in South Anchorage.  Check out our "Moms Everyday" segment about the connection between sleep apnea and eye disorders.

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