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Create Your Bedroom Oasis and Sleep Deeper Tonight

Posted by Nemanja Marinkoff on Aug 25, 2020 9:02:42 AM

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A good night's sleep is important for many different bodily functions and our health. While we sleep, the body repairs itself, our minds get to relax and the night is when all the hormones level themselves keeping us healthy and fresh.

However, if your bedroom doesn’t feel comfortable and satisfying, if it seems too stressful, we are bound to sleep badly and we could feel exhausted in the morning. That is why you need to do something to transform your bedroom into a pinnacle of tranquility and peace. 



Messy bedroom means a messy mind so make sure your bedroom is always clean and clutter-free. A stress-free oasis should never have clothes hanging and lying around the room. Also, any item that doesn’t belong to the bedroom, remove it and you will feel better. You don’t have to buy tons of storage bins, simply find a place for any small item.

If some of the furniture you find excess, you can always sell it or donate it, or even move it to another room if it fits better there. Not to mention how you should also keep your nightstand clutter-free. You don’t need all those books, mugs, pills and whatnot on it. Leave a book that you are currently reading, your lamp and your alarm clock, and you are good to go. 


Add Accents

If you don’t like too clean decor, and if some pops of color relax you, make sure to decorate your bedroom accordingly. Instead of keeping the bedroom walls white and plain, you can always add something fun to them. For example, you can paint one of the walls in a brighter or stronger color and create a perfect contrast to the rest of the white walls.

Another option is decorating the wall above the headboard of the bed. You can add symmetrical lighting fixtures above it, an artistic painting that you love or add stylish accent pieces such as these interesting pieces from Skull Bliss official shop. You can also add some flower patterns to the accessories you already have and breathe in the feeling of tranquility into your bedroom. 


Adjust the Lighting

Exposure to sunlight is very important and it can lead to increased energy and a better mood. That is why you should allow as much natural light as possible into your bedroom. Make sure your drapes or curtains can be pushed to the side during the day and you will significantly manage to breathe in fresh air and light into your bedroom, reducing stress and boosting your mood. 


However, when it’s time to sleep, you should be able to dim the lights or keep the room dark and block any outside light with curtains or shades. In order for our body to produce enough melatonin, which improves our sleep and health, you need to have an almost completely dark room for sleeping. When the morning comes, spread those curtains and let the positive and fresh energy enter your bedroom for a full sanctuary feel.


Introduce Greenery

Plants can make your entire bedroom feel more natural and alive. Not only will they provide some fresh focal points, but they will also bring a number of benefits to you and the quality of your sleep. One such great example is the plant called the snake plant (or mother-in-law’s tongue) since it produces oxygen at night. 

So, when restyling your bedroom to look more calming, make sure to bring a few potted plants inside. They will also purify the air and they will certainly look pleasant and bring great vibes because everyone loves to look at nature.

Your bedroom is your sanctuary and it’s where your body relaxes and regenerates. That is why this room in your house should be turned into a zen oasis where you can feel safe and calm. You don’t have to do much in order to achieve this, simply follow your own needs and desires and keep the colors light. Add some plants and nice scents and your bedroom will be alive and calming. 

Need extra support?

Maybe you have already created your bedroom oasis, but STILL cannot sleep? You may need to consider any physical, or even mental health issues causing sleep deprivation. Contact the Alaska Sleep Clinic for either a free sleep consultation or sleep study to determine the issues.


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