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Easy Ways To Fall Asleep

Posted by John J. Gregg on Apr 22, 2021 6:49:00 AM

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In this article, you will find the best easy ways to fall asleep naturally without any medicine! Nowadays, because of our daily stressed lives, many people have difficulty falling asleep at night. This problem isn't something unusual but it can't be treated carelessly, because can lead to much worse insomnia.

Our ancestors didn't have drugs for sleep, instead, they resorted to their mental willpower or natural remedies. I like to think that we still have the necessary power to control our bodies and mind!

If you read and follow all my advice you will see that falling asleep, isn't that hard

Free your head of thoughts for a good night sleep

This is something that I realized myself while trying to sleep! All the time before bed, pops up in my head, lots of thoughts that prevent my brain from shutting down and fall asleep. I am almost 100% sure that this is your main problem also!

Try to stop any thought that comes to mind purely by not thinking about him any further, basically make your brain blank and focus only on the room silence. I know it sounds strange but for me is working almost all the time to shut down my thoughts!

Lower the room temperature

Best room temperature for good sleep

Our bodies sleep better in a cool environment, the scientists couldn't agree on what is the best temperature for sleeping but they think is somewhere between 55 - 75 degrees Fahrenheit, the exact temperature varies from person to person!

Read a book before bed

Our eyes are very sensible and after a hard day of work, they get tired easily and when your eyes are tired the sleep comes in no time. Reading a book is the easiest and most healthy way to prepare yourself for sleeping but watching a movie can have the same effect.

Why warm milk can help you sleep?

Isn't proven exactly, why milk helps you fall asleep more easily. Some scientists say it can be because of some enzyme and others say it's purely psychological! I think that much more likely the placebo effect is the cause, we hear that milk can help us and our brain believes it.

Even though I don't know the reason why milk helps but it seems that does. For me any hot beverage before bed helps me fall asleep fast, I think is because our brain is tricked into thinking it's time to relax!

What tea helps you fall asleep fast?

Best teas to make you sleepy

Tea is a natural medicine since ancient times and for good reason but like any other medicine you need to be careful especially with mixed teas for sleeping because many times contains some herbs that can give dependence!

To avoid this problem I recommend chamomile and linden tea, these two are the best teas that make you fall asleep fast but without affecting your metabolism in any harmful way! You can drink them separately or make a mixture, they taste good and helps your organism to relax. (instead of sugar use a small spoon of honey)

Don't force yourself too much to fall asleep

Small pauses can help you

It's very important to get out of bed if you didn't manage to fall asleep in half of an hour, doesn’t need to be a long pause somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes it will suffice. You can drink a cold glass of water, go to the bathroom or watch tv but don't open a big light just a lamp is better.

The reason for this pause is to free yourself a little bit from the tension of not sleeping, for some minutes the brain concentrates on something else and when you come into bed again, the sleep will come naturally!

Urinate before going to bed

If you have trouble falling asleep it can be because you didn't urinate! Even if this isn't the cause of the problem can cause it, if the need to urinate will wake you in the middle of the night, so it's better to prevent this situation and have a good long night’s sleep.

Aromatherapy helps sleeping better

Like the tea is something proved that aromatherapy can also help you sleep better! Nowadays fragrances come in many different forms like candles, essences, spray, and more, but my favorite is the spray because it's easy to use with no danger and you can choose from hundreds of smells.

The flavor certified by scientists which helps to fall asleep faster is lavender, my favorite and most efficient in my opinion also, but you can try with other flavors too. For better results, you can spray the essence into the room and on your pillow!

How Music Helps Us Sleep Faster

The main problem when it comes to sleep is the stress but some relaxing music maybe together with aromatherapy can help you sleep better and faster! My favorite relaxing music for sleep is chillout music or nature sounds, you can find lots of free choices on youtube.

Sleeping Routine

I had problems sleeping because I didn't have a routine like for example a fixed hour for awakening and falling asleep! If you have a messy sleep, today you sleep at ten o'clock and tomorrow at two in the morning, your body will no longer understand when it’s time to relax so you have to take care of this problem!

All other devices will work only if you try making your daily routine!

Losing sleep is stressful and impacts a person’s daily life. But with a little scientific know-how, you can influence your body’s ability to fall asleep and reduce your stress along the way.  If your sleep issues have become chronic ones,  talk to your physician or call Alaska Sleep Clinic today @ @ 907-420-0540.

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About the author: John J. Gregg is an experienced free essay writer on where he provides students with an opportunity to get high grades. Besides, He is fond of reading and playing the guitar. By the way, John dreams of traveling a lot and visiting as many countries as possible.

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