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How to Deal with Your Partner's Snoring.

Posted by Paisley Hansen on Feb 28, 2020 2:17:00 AM


Do you snore?

While you may not have first-hand experience with your snoring (after all, you asleep), if your partner snores, you know just how annoying that can be. In many cases, it can lead to cases of sleep deprivation or even relationship problems down the road.

The good news is, there are some things you can do to help your partner and help yourself, ensuring you both get a good night’s sleep.

What Type of Snorer Are They?

Did you know that approximately 45% of adults snore occasionally? If your partner is in this group, you may be tempted to sleep on the sofa or have begun sleeping with ear plugs; however, there are some methods you can use to help them overcome this problem, which will benefit both of you.

Before jumping into how to stop snoring, it’s important to figure out what type of snorer you are dealing with. There are five main types:

  • Nose: Collapsing nostrils or blocked nasal passages result in mouth breathing.
  • Mouth breather: Caused by an open mouth and a relaxed jaw.
  • Palatal flutter: Soft palate and uvula vibrating.
  • Tongue: Tongue drops to the back of the mouth and obstructs the airway.
  • Multi-factorial: This is a combination of some, or all the snoring methods mentioned above.

Can You Cure Snoring?

Husband keeping his wife up with his snoring.There are several things you can do to prevent snoring before you fall asleep and when your partner is already asleep. However, this all depends on the person and the type of snorer that they are. Keep in mind though, snoring may also be an indication of more serious health problems, so if the suggestions below don’t help, it may be time to go to the doctor.

Tips for Preventing Snoring

If you are kept awake by someone snoring, there are several ways to prevent this. There are several solutions that help with snoring, from natural remedies to sleep aids, and in many cases, the right snoring prevention method will depend on the type of snorer you are dealing with.

Stop Snoring Products/Aids

If you want to get a good night’s sleep and stop your partner from snoring, you should consider some of the over-the-counter products available. There are options for each type of snorer out there.

Some of the most popular options for a nose snorer include nasal spray, a nasal dilator, or nasal strips. These are designed to help widen the nasal passages, reducing the vibration that results in the snoring sound.

For mouth breathers, products like mouth spray, an oral shield, or chin-up strips are recommended. Tongue snorers can use a mandibular advancement device, and those with a palatal flutterer can try mouth spray or chin-up strips. If someone is a multi-factorial snorer, they can use a combination of the above products to achieve the desired results.

Natural Methods to Stop Snoring

If you don’t want to spend your money on strips or devices that may or may not work, there are several natural remedies that you can try out ahead of time, regardless of the type of snorer you or your partner are. In some cases, making certain lifestyle changes will be necessary. For example, losing weight can be beneficial, as people who are unhealthy or who eat an unhealthy diet may increase the amount of fatty tissue that is in their throat. This can result in snoring.

It’s also recommended that you avoid drinking alcohol before going to bed and avoid over-drinking. Sedatives and alcohol will relax the muscles in your throat, which may block the passages. If you smoke, stop, as this can irritate the membranes in your throat and nose, resulting in snoring.

Using essential oils to stop snoring is also recommended. While research related to the effectiveness of essential oils for smoking is limited, there are many who swear by them. For example, peppermint has been proven to help clear out your sinuses, which means it is beneficial if you tend to snore when you are congested.

Preventing Snoring When Your Partner is Already Asleep

Waiting for your partner to change their habits and lifestyle is an effective way to prevent snoring; however, this is something that will take time. If you are tired of sleepless nights, there are several things you can try to help stop someone from shoring if they are already asleep.

One method is to roll the individual to their side, which will prevent squashed airways that may occur if you are sleeping on your back. Also, if your partner tends to roll on their back, purchase a body pillow that will help to prevent this.

Preventing Snoring: It’s a Process

Remember, it can be challenging to pinpoint exactly why someone is snoring. While this is true, there are several steps you can take to help yourself or your partner stop and get a better night’s sleep.

Be sure to try out the methods mentioned here, along with other advice you have found because, for some people, the road to sleeping without snoring will be a combination of methods and products. In the long run, though, taking these steps will help everyone sleep better.

The Effects of Snoring on Your Marriage

The disruption of sleep from snoring is causing couples to have a hard time sleeping together. To avoid the symptoms of daytime sleepiness, many couples choose not to sleep together in the same bed.

In the book, “Two in a Bed: The Social System of Couple Bed Sharing,” author Paul C. Rosenblatt interviewed 42 couples and examined how sharing a bed affects the couple’s relationship. Many couples described the intimacy and comfort level of sleeping in the same bed is extremely important to their relationship.

As he describes in the book, in their time together before drifting off to sleep, “couples catch up on what’s going on with one another, plan, make decisions, deal with disagreements and solve problems.”

With their hectic schedules, many couples often only have this time to catch up. It is no wonder why it’s crucial to their relationship. Unfortunately, snoring can force one spouse into another room for the sake of sleep, and this crucial together time is hard to replace in their busy lives otherwise.

If your marriage is suffering because you or your spouse snores, the key to reconciling is to understand that snoring is a symptom of a physical condition, such as sleep apnea, and it can be treated.

There are many non-surgical, in-office and minimally invasive treatments available to snorers today. Although we at Alaska Sleep Clinic would never make the claim that we have saved marriages, we have heard back many times from patients who say that it wasn’t until after their snoring was cured, they realized how much happier they are snuggling next to their spouse again.

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