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How to Use Kratom for Sleep

Posted by Guest Blogger on Jul 5, 2020 8:17:00 PM

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Do you know anyone suffering from sleep-related conditions? With lots to deal with, one might experience one or two rough nights where sleep is hard to come by. However, chronic insomnia can lead to dire conditions, and you need to consult a sleep physician for further instructions. You can also use some common herbs like passionflower or valerian root to assist you in getting that good night's sleep. Nonetheless, that isn’t the only medication that you can try. Did you know that Kratom can enable you to achieve a good sleep? Kratom is what worked for me when struggling with sleep, and you can give it a try. If you are wondering how you can use it, you are just in luck! Here's is how to use Kratom for sleep. 

  1. Select the ideal product

Finding the ideal Kratom strain is quite essential is you want to get the most out of the product. There is quite a variety of Kratom that you can try to achieve a more relaxing and calm condition. The higher doses of Kratom can be quite soothing; thus, you need to select carefully. Below are some of the Kratom types that you can use for sleep

  • Red Bali – if you want to achieve the ideal relaxation mood and pain relief, here's your go-to Kratom strain. It has amazing calming properties that will enable you to elevate insomnia. However, you need to know that its effects hardly stay for too long. When using it, you might fall asleep quite fast, but it won’t prevent you from waking up in the night.


  • Indo Kratom – you can also use this Kratom strain to enjoy its sedative and calming effects. If you want to relieve insomnia, this strain can come in handy.


  • Red Borneo – here’s another strain that’s quite similar to red Bali. It can also aid in relieving pain, anxiety as well as insomnia.

However, as you use these Kratom strains, there are others that you need to steer away from at all costs. It would help if you avoided super green Malay, Thai Kratom, and Maeng Da Kratom as they are quite energizing and stimulating. 

  1. The dosage

Here's one of the trickiest parts when it narrows down to using Kratom for sleep. Each person is unique, and the dosage that worked on your friend might not work for you. Therefore, you need to find the right dosage to work for you to get the optimum results. You should check in with your doctor to determine the ideal dosage from light, moderate to the high dosage that might work for you.

  1. Consumption method

Selecting the ideal consumption method depends on one’s preferences. You can try preparing tea and adding your Kratom dosage as you stir it well before consumption. However, you need to note that Kratom is a potent herb. Therefore, you need not mix it with other medicine or prescription drugs as it can lead to unwanted effects.

There are numerous misconceptions about Kratom for sleep that keeps people at bay from it. However, using Kratom for rest is what worked for me when battling insomnia. Why suffer in silence while you can use Kratom for pain management, reduce anxiety, reduce chronic pain, and, most importantly, help you sleep.

As the most comprehensive sleep lab in the state, Alaska Sleep Clinic works hard to properly diagnose and treat all sleep disorders, including insomnia.  Trust your sleep health to us today and call @ 907-420-0540.

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