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Insomnia-causing Diseases

Posted by Scarlett Hobler on Apr 27, 2020 6:32:00 AM

Beating an insomnia issue is hard to do.

There are certain conditions that affect one’s sleeping ability. Sleep problems can be caused due to numerous reasons and should be taken care of right on time so that one doesn’t fall into depression or any other sort of health-related issue.

If you can’t sleep at night without any sort of engagement of tasks on your hand, then you are suffering from insomnia. Being busy in office work late at night or preparing for exams at night are not cases of insomnia, sleeping disorder is something when one tries really hard to fall asleep but find it troublesome or when one finds it difficult to have a sound sleep and wake up after regular intervals.

In this case, you should realize that there might be some health-related issues, be it physical or mental health.

Common Diseases which Cause Sleeping Disorder


Not many people know, but high blood sugar level acts as a red flag for sleep. All those people having an irregular sleeping pattern, they need to realize that this condition may lead to the pre-diabetic condition.

Look out for essay examples on diabetes to know more about this relationship and how insomnia and diabetes are interlinked. One can easily find a research about diabetes, which reflects that sleep and diabetes problems go hand in hand.

If your blood sugar is under control, then your sleeping condition will improve accordingly. Not only this there are other diseases too which can lead to insomnia, all those people who experience symptoms regarding mental instability also need to research against essay on depression, so they know about their condition and seek quick help.

Depression affects your sleep.Depression

More than 75 percent of people aged from 20 to 59 have an issue regarding sound sleep. People occasionally experience this problem due to their hectic routine and all the stress which influences their life greatly.

Later this lack of sleep pattern results in severe issues such as low energy, spilt mood, lack of concentration, or overall deteriorating health. All those people who are going through psychological struggles will certainly have a disturbed sleeping pattern, and insomnia triggers the worst kind of depression if it is not treated at the right time.


Almost one-third of asthmatic patients suffer from insomnia, which worse their lungs’ function. Quality of life is effected incredibly, and these people struggle to live a normal life, unlike their peers. This problem doesn’t stop here.

In fact, depression is also triggered in these cases if the proper medication is not available right on time. Having asthmatic problems made it difficult for people to sleep as they scuffle with breathing.

Low back pain

All those people suffering from chronic pain often experience insomnia or other sleeping disorders. This health issue is becoming common day by day in industrialized societies, and more than half of the individuals suffering from this pain also complain about poor sleeping routine.

One should realize that these problems keep on leading from one to another if not treated properly. Not getting enough sleep will make you more sensitive towards this pain, which will also hamper your immunity while affecting cognitive function. If there is any sort of pain, then the sleep pattern would be disturbed tremendously, be it trying to fall asleep or waking up on your desired time.  


People suffering from arthritis may experience that pain and discomfort caused due to this disease makes it difficult for them to have regular sleep, which later results in insomnia. Not sleeping well adds into symptoms and negatively affect the general well-being.

Adults over 18 should get sound eight hours of sleep at night to maintain a healthy Body aches and pains keeps many up at It causes fatigue, which is not easy to be managed and results in the severity of the disease. With all these increasing factors, respondents seek medical treatments than those patients who are not suffering from insomnia.

Almost one-third of arthritis patients suffer from insomnia, which worsens their condition, and they mostly toss and turn throughout the night. These people should thoroughly discuss their sleep issues with their doctors so that they get treated accordingly.

Sleep Disorder Treatment

Though it is a very common problem and it has its treatment too, but that treatment varies from patient to patient and depends upon the cause of this problem. Most people try to treat it by themselves by searching out for essay samples of the related topic, but this practice is discouraged by doctors.

Visit your respective doctors, and they would suggest some lifestyle changes along with medication, which allows one to have a smooth sleep. There are numerous pills, supplements, and medications that allow the brain to align with sleep and wakefulness. Not only has this, but the proper adjustment in one’s lifestyle also played a vital role in healthy sleep.

To improve the quality of your sleep, one should maintain a healthy lifestyle and increase the intake of fresh and healthy food. Do more exercise and stick to a regular sleeping schedule.

Caffeine intake should be limited in the latter half of the day and also avoid taking water before going to bed. Excessive usage of alcohol or tobacco is also a reason for disturbance in sleep, avoid it as much as possible.

A sleeping disorder has a disruptive effect on one’s life and the people suffering from it lookout for immediate relief though there are cases that take a longer time to be resolved, however, if you stick to proper medication and improved lifestyle then you can experience the gradual change in your sleeping routine.

Alaska Sleep Clinic is the only lab in the state with a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist specializing in sleep. Read more about Dr. Angie Randazzo or or call us today @ 907-770-9104 for your free sleep assessment.

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