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The Best Dinners to Eat Before Bedtime to Feel Your Best in the Morning

Posted by Kevin Faber on Jan 7, 2022 2:35:00 AM

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Sleep is very important. Without the proper sleeping patterns in your life, you won't be able to be as productive as you want to, and your mood will be all over the place.

Everyone has experienced the effects of a lack of sleep, and it's one of the worst feelings a person can have. However, because of the lifestyle of many Americans, it's hard to have a well-balanced diet and eat right altogether, so many people settle for quick solutions, such as fast-food or easy-to-prepare, unhealthy snacks right before bed.

You already might have a great solution of what to eat in the morning. Also, because of the way your lunch schedule is situated in your workday, it's no problem for you to have a great meal during lunchtime to recharge your batteries in order to be more productive at work. But in the evening time, many people have trouble finding the time to prepare a healthy meal or get much of anything to eat, simply the fact that there are other responsibilities pulling them every way.

You have to get the kids ready for school in the morning, clean the house, wash clothes, and get ready for work in the morning. All of this stress and poor eating habits in the evening right before bedtime can do harm to your body and disrupt your sleeping patterns. In order to achieve better sleeping results and be the absolute best that you can be, here is a list of complete dinners that you can eat before bedtime in order to help you sleep better and get the nutrients you still need in the evening.


What to Look for When Choosing a Meal to Help You Sleep Better

To begin, you have to identify the proper foods to help you sleep by knowing what ingredients are in them that actually cause better sleeping patterns. Of course, not every dinner will provide you with rich nutrients that promote healthy sleep. So, before the dinners are proposed, know the list of qualifications to look for in your foods in order to achieve better sleep.


Promotes Healthy Digestion

Everyone has experienced eating a heavy, unhealthy meal in the evening time. Then, when they go to sleep, they're awakened a couple of hours later by a punishing acid in their throat and a very uncomfortable feeling in their stomach. It doesn't happen all the time when they eat these kinds of meals, but when it does, it's an awful feeling. It's important to choose foods that are easy on your digestion and don't make your stomach work overtime.


Promotes Rest, not Increased Energy

You know that it would be a horrible idea to drink energy shots or coffee right before bed because those consumables do not promote sleep, right? But have you thought about the meals you eat that might have the same results? You'll want to choose meals that don't have a lot of sugar or caffeine, as these are stimulants not meant to be eaten before sleep.


The Goldilocks Meal

Going to bed hungry is not a solution to losing weight or getting better sleep. Many people simply skip their meals together because they just don't have time and need to get to bed. But this is a bad idea because hunger can keep you up and make you sleep more uncomfortably. Also, gorging on a huge meal can also have bad effects. Even if the meal is healthy, feeling full can cause your body to feel that it's not ready to turn off just yet, as there is a lot of food it has to digest first. Now that you know what kinds of qualities to look for in the meals you eat before you sleep, it's time for the fun part. Consider this list a guide to help you choose the exact meals to eat, so you don't have to go guessing what you should consume before bed.

  1. Taco Rice Bowls

Not only are these easy to make, but they're also full of the proper nutrients and ingredients to give you a great night's rest. You can use lean protein, like chicken or turkey, and spice it up with something that doesn't contain a lot of salt. Next, stir up some healthy rice with lime juice and generously pour the cooked meat on top. Last, top with avocado, pico de gallo, and black beans, and you're sure to be treated with great flavor and healthy nutrients.

  1. Baked Salmon and Veggies

You've probably heard of the wonderful benefits of eating salmon. It's rich in protein and tastes great. But did you know that it's also considered a superfood? One of the reasons why it's considered a superfood is because it's loaded with vitamin D and selenium, both of which promote good sleep. You can buy a nice cut of salmon at your local grocery store and serve it up with some nice, roasted veggies to compliment it. Carrots and Brussel sprouts would be a good choice, as these are also superfoods.

  1. Turkey Wraps

If you're really in a hurry, consider eating a wrap right before bedtime. Turkey from the deli at your local grocery store would be a great choice to use because it's usually lean and contains protein for sleep. You can also buy whole grain tortillas, and roll it all up with some lettuce and green tomatoes. You can combine this with some fruit to make it a more complete meal.

  1. Grilled Cheese With Tomato Soup

Another great quick alternative is grilled cheese. Not only do the kids love it, but it could be a great choice for you if you're craving some more sleep. There have even been studies done that show that cheddar could be linked to positive dreams! Remember to not drown it in butter, and use a low sodium tomato soup with it to make your taste buds scream.


  1. Whole Grain Cereal and Milk

Last, why not enjoy some healthy cereal with milk? Whole-grain cereal is becoming more popular, and you've probably seen the labels on the boxes about these cereals promoting tons of fiber, protein, and heart health. Make sure that the cereal isn't one of those over-sugary blends and of course, pair it up with milk. Milk has been proven to be good to drink before bed, as it promotes sleep.

All of these are great choices to take back your sleep at night. You no longer need to scramble to find out about the science of food, but simply pick a meal from the list above and enjoy it before bedtime. Your taste buds and your body will thank you.

Food and what we consume can play a massive role in our sleep quantity and quality. If you are struggling with regulating your slumbers, there are many steps that you can take in your daily life by altering your diet and nutrition. You can take back control of your snoozing and enjoy better sleep if you find the right adjustments to your diet, so don’t wait another moment suffering through sleep.

Good quality sleep may seem difficult to come by, but tweaking your diet is one of the very best ways to achieve this. Avoiding the food that keeps you awake and restless, and adding foods that promote a healthy sleep cycle will have you falling asleep peacefully in no time.

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