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The Best Sleep Tracking Software

Posted by Mary G. Byrd on Aug 6, 2021 1:48:00 PM

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To stay healthy, people need seven to nine hours of sleep every day. However, almost half of Americans report that they feel sleepy during the day, all the time. The reason is that many people don’t get seven hours of sleep, and this problem is common among both adults and children. Sleep deprivation is one of many primary school problems, and high school students suffer from it even more often.

Many students often ask how to do well in school, looking for time management advice and various life hacks that would make them more productive. However, students often forget that it’s impossible to demonstrate a great performance if they don’t get enough sleep and feel exhausted. Some students pull all-nighters in an attempt to get more work done but only get exhausted and lose any motivation and energy.

Obviously, such a problem is also very familiar for professionals from different areas. If you have a tight schedule, you may not have enough time for other things. No matter what your job is, you might also need to socialize, work out, spend time with your family, take care of your pets, dedicate some time to your hobbies, etc. As a result, you may feel tempted to sacrifice some sleep time, which is a big mistake.

According to statistics, 90% of Americans use smartphones, tablets, and other devices before they go to sleep. You may want to read something or watch a few clips, but don’t forget that your phone is a powerful source of distraction. If you cannot stop staring at the screen, here’s the good news: your phone can also help you with your sleep problems. There are many sleep tracking apps that can help you determine what factors impact the quality of your sleep, wake you up at the right time, and change your habits to sleep better. Here is our list of the best sleep tracking software.

Top 5 Sleep Tracking Apps

1.      SleepScore

This is one of the best sleep tracking apps. To use it, you don’t need any specific gadgets. While many apps require you to place your phone on the mattress to track your movement, SleepScore uses your phone as a sonar, tracking your movement with a microphone and speakers. The app collects a lot of data that can help you evaluate the quality of your sleep, and it also enables you to check your SleepScore to understand how you should prepare for sleep. This app features a smart alarm. You can use SleepScore for free or purchase a premium subscription for $7.99 a month and enjoy more data insights, along with an opportunity to share the data with your doctor.

2.     Sleep Cycle

This app combines a simple interface with advanced data analysis. However, its main feature is an alarm clock. First, you set the latest time when you can wake up, and then the app wakes you app at the best time according to your unique sleep cycle, within 30 minutes before the chosen time. Once you’ve woken up, the app presents the data on your activity when you were asleep so that you can quickly evaluate whether or not you’ve had a good sleep. This app can also track the impact of your lifestyle on the sleep cycle. Besides, it integrates with smart home systems so it can adjust the thermostat or make coffee in the morning. The premium package costs $1.99 per month or $9.99 per year and provides a lot of additional data, including measurements of your heart rate and weather data.

3.     Pillow

This is an app for iPhone and Apple Watch that can monitor your movements, heart rate, and sounds. This app is very simple and has a colorful intuitive interface. You can rate your mood so that the app can analyze different lifestyle factors and determine the type of sleep with precision. The premium version costs $4.99 and offers such features as personalized recommendations, detailed analytics, and a power nap mode. This is a great solution for everyone who uses Apple Watch.

4.     Sleep as Android

This is another good sleep tracking app created for Android devices. It uses various sensors in your Android phone to track and measure different parameters of your nighttime activity, and it also features a smart alarm. You can choose different sounds that will help you fall asleep, as well as natural sounds to help you wake up. This app also features various wake-up tests that will be appreciated by many users with sleeping problems. Another good thing about Sleep as Android is that it integrates with many devices, including Wear OS, Pebble, Tizen, and Garmin. You can opt for a free trial version or purchase this app for $6.

5.     Loona

This app is more than a sleep tracker. This is a perfect solution for people who cannot fall asleep because it can get you in the right mood. You can listen to various playlists and stories, and you can also choose guided sessions to relax through various activities. A free version features three playlists and three stories. To unlock all features, you should purchase a monthly subscription for $12.99.

Wrapping Up

Sleep problems can have a significant negative impact on the quality of your life. Unfortunately, one cannot finish sleep school to develop the right sleep habits and learn how to get a healthy sleep regardless of how difficult their day was. Fortunately, psychologists and other scientists partner with talented developers from companies like to create various apps that can help you sleep better and feel more energized in the morning. We hope that our list of the best sleep tracking apps will help you choose a solution that meets your needs and preferences.

Of course, the best way to fix your sleep issues could involve getting a sleep study.  To learn more and speak to one of our sleep specialists, call Alaska Sleep Clinic today @ 907-770-9104 .

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