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10 Effective Plants For Your Bedroom to Improve Your Sleep

Posted by Scott Matthews on Dec 19, 2018 6:53:57 AM

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Everything is affected by your sleep. How much and how well people sleep can determine their mental, emotional, as well as physical performance. It will affect your energy throughout the day, the critical thinking and decision making skills, as well as your ability to get up early and – get things done.

Lack of sleep can bring about decreased motivation and productivity, lethargy and bad health. In many cases, it is related to anxiety and stress, while in others it is related to health problems or environment. But, whichever it is, there are remedies you can use to combat insomnia and get a good night’s sleep. As silly and unbelievable as it sounds, something as simple as a plant can make all the difference for you.

Below you will find the list of top 10 unique plants that help people solve their sleeping problems. But, before we get into that, let’s see why plants are a good idea for your bedroom.

  • Certain flowers and trees can improve the quality of air and raise the humidity indoors.
  • Some plants reduce background noise from industry and traffic.
  • Indoor plants have anti-insomnia features and health-promoting properties.

Top 10 Plants that Could Cure Your Insomnia

1.   Lavenderbedroom

Don’t you just love how lavender smells? It’s one of the most popular plants in the world, but in addition to its wonderful smell, it also comes with healthy benefits. Lavender is known to induce sleep and reduce anxiety.

‘’Lavender is like magic to me. Using lavender oils helps me relax in the bathtub before I start working, while my lovely lavender plant keeps me calm and rested through the night so that I can start over the next day.’’ – says Elisabeth Queens, writer at Best Dissertation.

Well, if you are willing to test this marvelous plant and see how it affects your sleep, you also get the benefit of having a wonderful smell indoors, as well as a beautiful-looking piece of nature right there in your bedroom.

2.   Jasmine

Jasmine also works by decreasing your anxiety, but it is also known to improve people’s mood and attitude after they get up. It might not have been so popular in the past, but the interest sure seems to be on the rise right now.

‘’I always liked the look of a jasmine, but when a friend told me she keeps one in her bedroom, I was a bit surprised. As it turns out, I am a jasmine-in-a-bedroom person myself, too.’’ – says Vanessa Binge, expert from the EduGeeksClub Service.

3.   English Ivy

Do you have pets inside your home? If you do, we have the perfect bedroom flower for you – the English Ivy. This flower reduces airborne fecal matter, as well as absorbs formaldehyde and other airborne toxins.

4.   Snake Plant

Also known as the ‘mother-in-law’s tongue’, this plant is considered a natural purifier. At night, the flower will emit oxygen and improve your sleep, whilst removing benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, as-xylene, and other harmful chemicals.

‘’People are so busy today, they are continuously sleep-deprived. It affects them tremendously, usually in small ways before it starts showing grand symptoms and causing even grander everyday problems. My little secret lies in this wonderful snake plant. It felt silly to buy it for this purpose, but it actually works.’’ – says Clarence Pierce, expert who writes for Assignment Geek Australia.

5.   Aloe Vera

We all love and use aloe Vera for different purposes. It has so many therapeutic and beauty benefits, it is probably one of the most used plants out there. Same as the snake plant, this plant also emits oxygen during night, which in return improves the air quality inside your home.

On top of this benefit, you can use the gel of the Aloe Vera plant for many other purposes, such as treatment of burns and dry skin, and even insect bites.

6.   Gardenia

If the look of this flower didn’t convince you, the perks that come with it surely will. The large and white flowers that come in the form of many, many petal roses, as well as the dark green, glossy leaves – all make Gardenia a wonderful piece of art for your bedroom.

We are not talking of a picture of a gardenia. In fact, the flower has an equally grand scent as it has appearance. It will give your bedroom a lovely smell so that you can enjoy your nights there.

7.   Peace Lily

Peace lily is one of the most popular and highly recommended trees to use indoors for cleaning the air, even by NASA scientists. They’ve actually discovered that the herb can reduce pollutants in the indoor air.

The best part is – it will bloom even if you don’t keep it in high light. Its white flowers will remain constant with ample light, making this the ideal choice for bedrooms that have smaller windows.

8.   Easter Lily

Right after the peace lily comes the Easter lily- a spring-favorite plant with wonderful white flowers and fragrant appearance. This plant comes in different varieties which can affect its size. Generally speaking, it can grow between 12-36 inches in height and spread up to 9 inches in width.

The reason why it takes a spot in this list is its fragrance. This particular blossom can be uplifting, and its perfume is definitely therapeutic.

9.   Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera Daisy isn’t just beautiful – it is helpful too. It emits oxygen through the night and helps people sleep and breathe that much better. But, be careful – this particular flower demands a rather particular care (well-drained soil, planted after the last frost, watering only the soil, not the foliage, etc.)

10.  Broad leaf Lady Palm

The Lady Palm has shown to be quite successful in eliminating xylene, carbon dioxide, ammonia and formaldehyde, making it a perfect addition for your bedroom. Unlike other plants that emit oxygen during the nights, this one also purifies the air by eliminating some airborne toxins.

Final Words

Have you selected the plant you will install in your bedroom? You should definitely consider getting at least one of the highly-beneficial, beautiful flowers from this list. Some of them are even low-maintenance for those who have little time on their hands to care for a plant. The benefits are amazing, so make sure you don’t pass them up.

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