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Why Do We Sleep Better in the Fresh Air

Posted by Joseph Hosch on May 3, 2021 12:16:00 AM

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There is a great importance of breathing fresh air always on the quality of sleep we have every night. Those that have the opportunity to fall asleep on a towel sprawled out on a hammock in their backyard or at the beach understand the powerful impact of fresh air on the quality of sleep. The primary reason for this is the presence of supply of oxygen outside than in our bedrooms. The flow of oxygen is free outdoors since the environment is not enclosed, meaning a lot of oxygen is recycled into carbon dioxide. More oxygen increases the amount of serotonin, resulting in a feeling of calmness, happiness, and relaxation.

Why Sleep in the Open Air

There are other factors apart from the supply of oxygen that results in increased quality of sleep while in the open air. The enhanced supply of air outdoors can also be enjoyed inside one's bedroom with an effective setup of the indoor air supply. This can be achieved by booking the best apartment turnover services, many of which can be booked online. In this regard, let us explore how fresh air can enhance the quality of your day or night's sleep.

Fresh Air Induces Good Feelings                                                                

Studies show that spending more time outdoors with a sufficient supply of fresh air is directly related to a reduction of stress levels and ADHD symptoms. Moreover, extended exposure to fresh air supply prompts the body to manufacture increased amounts of vitamin D, which is essential in the body's absorption of the calcium element. As a result, the bones in our bodies grow to become stronger and helps in the prevention of the development of certain types of cancer.

Furthermore, the increase in vitamin D in our bodies helps in the prevention of various chronic diseases, including diabetes, depression, and heart diseases. These factors together result in more healthy bodies, which ultimately translate into better sleep. Therefore, if you spend a considerable amount of time in the open air, your body is set to become healthier with stronger bones and an increased immunity against certain chronic illnesses, resulting in generally better sleep every night.

Fresh Air Can Prompt Us to Exercise

Changes in weather due to the changes in seasons come about with fluctuations in the quality of the air we breathe in. This means we have the challenges of always finding places with a good air supply for the sake of our body health and quality of sleep. Moreover, with an increased supply of fresh air in the open, we are easily moved to engage in exercises, such as some work in the yard or simply romping in the woods. These and other activities make our bodies burn excess calories and expend energy.

As a result, we end up feeling tired after the exercises, which requires us to have sufficient rest. The best rest can only be enjoyed through sufficient sleep, especially after a long day with exercises, and you can have this kind of sleep in an environment with a cool breeze, followed by a cup of coffee thereafter. Therefore, the more we have a sufficient supply of fresh air, our body responds by the need for some exercises, something that is rare when we have limited fresh air supply.

Fresh Air Regulates Body Temperature

Scientific studies reveal that the best sleep is enjoyed in cool and comfortable environments, which is brought about by the impact of fresh air. In line with this, there is a cooling effect in our bodies due to low temperatures when we head out on cool days. As a result, our bodies will work hard to regulate the temperature within, resulting in calory burning and the use of more energy similar to when we are exercising. This principle equally applies when our bodies are forced to cool down during hot days, which makes them expend more energy. Therefore, whether you are outdoors on a hot and sunny day or a cool day.

Experts recommend that one has to get a maximum of between 5 and 25 exposure outdoors for an enhanced supply of fresh air to enjoy better sleep. However, the duration of exposure depends on the skin pigment, as the dark-skinned or tanned people will need more exposure time outdoors for the maximum impact of the sun on the production of Vitamin D. On the other hand, the light-skinned people will only require minutes as their exposure time to sunlight to enjoy the full impact of sunlight on Vitamin D production. As stated earlier, this vital vitamin is essential for enhancing the strength of bones in our bodies, as well as protecting against chronic diseases. Therefore, we are encouraged to spend some time every day and carry out outdoor activities for our bodies to be exposed to light and sunshine.

It is recommended to have a walk or spend time by the swimming pool on weekends with kids or engaging in hobby activities, such as kayaking or hiking. You do not have to engage in heavy activities during the day if it is not your thing, but a few minutes spent while seated on the deck as you wait for your burgers to cook helps to expose the body to the needed light and sunshine. This helps in enhancing the quality of sleep at night, which results in a more productive and enjoyable morning the following day.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of sleeping in the fresh air are worth considering the supply of air in your bedroom and the general indoor environment. If you cannot spend the whole outdoors with some activities, you can spare some twenty minutes to an hour every day to give your body some exposure to light and sunshine. This has a great impact on the production of Vitamin D in our bodies, the strengthening of bones, and the protection against an earlier onset of several cancers and other chronic diseases.

These benefits are also reflected in the quality of sleep we have at night, and our productivity the following day. Therefore, consider taking frequent walks outdoors, or engaging in simple activities in the backyard every time you have this opportunity and note the difference in the quality of your sleep and the general health of your body.

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