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Top Travel CPAP Machines of 2020

Posted by Jennifer Hines

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on Jul 2, 2020 11:00:00 AM

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Travel season is upon us, and whether you’re traveling domestically or internationally or by air or land, there’s one thing you can’t go without on your trip⁠—a good night’s sleep.

Let’s start from square one.

Are you planning a vacation, a weekend getaway, or a trip to see your loved ones? Do you find yourself asking how you can get the best sleep possible when you’re away from home? Regardless of where you’re heading, now is the time to shop for a travel CPAP machine to take on your next adventure. From mini to portable, let’s dive into the key features to discover your ideal travel machine.

We’re going to highlight four of our favorite travel CPAP machine:

Grab a pen and paper and detail out which factors matter the most to you!

The Best Travel CPAP Machine:

  Philips Respironics DreamStation Go ResMed AirMini Transcend 3 Auto miniCPAP
Noise Level 30 Decibels 30 Decibels  26 Decibels
Machine Weight 1.86 lb 0.66 lb 1.09 lb
Max Operating Altitude 7,500 Feet 8,500 Feet 8,000 Feet
Compatible Humidifier? Yes Yes None
FAA Approved?
Average Customer Rating 4.7 out of 5 4.4 out of 5 4 out of 5

Key Features of a Travel CPAP Machine

As opposed to standard machines, travel-friendly CPAP machines are small, lightweight, and portable. An added bonus? If you’re a jet-setter, travel machines are TSA friendly and most are FAA approved for in-flight use. If your flight is short, a small CPAP machine makes disassembly, packing, and reassembly a breeze!

It’s important to understand how a mini CPAP machine is different from other devices. A portable CPAP machine has some added benefits that will ease some of the stress while traveling.

  • Can Plug Into a Car’s Cigarette Lighter and Run Off of the Car’s Battery
  • Can Be Used With a DC Cable Converter to Allow You to Sleep On-the-Go
  • Extended Battery Life—Perfect for Long Flights or Camping Trips
  • SmallLightweightand FAA CompliantSafe for Use on a Plane

Now that you know some of the common features of a travel CPAP machine, it’s time to find the right one for you!

Philips Respironics DreamStation Go

Best Travel CPAP Machines

One of the newest travel machines to hit the market is the DreamStation Go. This machine is the ultimate go-to for air travelers. The DreamStation Go is a tiny and lightweight Auto CPAP machine that is almost perfectly square. It’s designed for traveling due to the USB charging port, micro tubing, and the easy on-the-go setup.

This simplistically designed machine is composed of the latest technology and is ideal for air travelers.

Machine Features

Noise Level: 30 Decibels

Compatible Humidifier: DreamStation Go Heated Humidifier

FAA Approved? Yes

Best Battery: DreamStation Go Overnight Battery


  • Additional Overnight Battery Allows for Up to Ten Hours of Therapy
  • Easy to Carry-On Due to Its Compact Shape and Lightweight Design
  • Smaller Tubing for Increased Portability
  • UserFriendly Touchscreen to Track Sleep Statistics


  • Not Whisper-Quiet

Online Review:

If you’re a frequent flyer, then the DreamStation Go will be your easy choice. The machine weighs in at a light 1.86 pounds so toss it into your carry-on bag and use it on a long flight if needed. Are you always on-the-go? Well, lucky for you, the machine fully charges in five hours, which makes it a low maintenance and easily manageable machine. Use the sleep tracker on the touchscreen to track the quality of your travel sleep. It’s time to go off-the-grid with the DreamStation Go!


ResMed AirMini

Light Travel CPAP Machines

If you’re looking for a light and compact travel CPAP machine, then the AirMini by ResMed is currently one of the smallest on the market and, rest assured, sweet dreams will come from this 0.66 pound CPAP machine. Weighing just under one pound, this Auto CPAP makes traveling with a humidifier easy. ResMed has designed the HumidX™ Waterless Component to allow you to receive all of the benefits of a humidifier while leaving the distilled water at home. Three cheers for the AirMini, which is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a mess-free portable CPAP machine.

Machine Features

Noise Level: 30 DecibelsSame Noise Level As the Philips Respironics DreamStation Go

Compatible Humidifier: HumidX Waterless Humidification (For P10 and N20 Models)

FAA Approved: Yes


  • Air Traveler and Camper Friendly
  • Bluetooth Connectivity Transfers Sleep Data to Your Phone
  • Currently One of the Smallest Machines on the Market at Just Under 1 lb
  • Humidification Using Waterless HumidX Technology
  • Works in Altitudes Up to 8,500 Feet


  • Not Whisper-Quiet
  • Only Works With Select CPAP Masks

Online Review:

Let’s start with the amazing news—when you buy the AirMini from us, you will receive a free mask! Talk about a win. This small CPAP machine fits in the palm of your hand, making packing your machine hassle-free. Since humidifiers can often be tricky to pack, the AirMini adds moisture while you sleep so that you can cross a humidifier off of your packing list. Want to continue tracking your sleep on-the-go? The AirMini connects to your phone via Bluetooth so you can track your leak rate, usage hours, and events per hour.


Transcend 365 Auto miniCPAP

Travel CPAP Machines

Don’t put off your next camping trip or international travel plans due to your fear of traveling with your machine. With travel machines, you will be able to go off-the-grid or across the world and stick to your therapy! The Transcend 3 Auto CPAP, like the Z2 Auto CPAP, has a max altitude of up to 8,000 feet above sea level. In addition, it has very flexible power options, including international plug adapters and the optional Transcend Multi-Night Battery. If you purchase from us, you will receive a free carrying case, charger with international plug adapters, and a CPAP hose!

Machine Features

Noise Level: 26 Decibels—Same Noise Level As the Human Design Medical Z2 Auto Travel CPAP Machine

Compatible Humidifier: None

FAA Approved? Yes


  • Auto-Adjusting for Fewer Doctor’s Appointments
  • Designed to Go Off-Grid With Optional Accessories
  • Flexible Battery Options for Every Travel Need
  • Great for Value-Conscious Consumers
  • Lightweight and Tiny Design to Easily Fit in Bags
  • Quiet Operation
  • Ramp-Up Feature With EZEX Pressure Relief


  • Limited Options for Viewing Data

Online Review:

Campers and hikers unite for the Transcend 3 Auto CPAP! The lightweight and tiny design with solar battery options make this machine ideal for throwing it in your rucksack and going on your way! There is a convenient drying mode available on the Transcend 3 so you can prevent the spread of germs or mold. The busy traveler in you will love this machine!


Best CPAP Portable BatteryThe Expion 360 Battery is perfect for CPAP charging.

The Venture Pro Battery Bank is a lightweight, portable battery system designed to work with most CPAP machines and other devices. The battery system weighs in at only 1.85 pounds and provides a restful 2-3 night's sleep on a single charge.

As professionals in the field of sleep medicine,  Alaska Sleep Clinic is able to ensure that you are familiar with any form of treatment your physician determines is best. We carry an extensive inventory of machines, masks, and other sleep related products to meet every patient’s unique needs and lifestyle.

If you have further questions about CPAP, APAP, or sleep apnea, we’re ready to help. The time to get some needed rest and deep sleep is now. Contact us today

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